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[Release Notes] Lovelink | Update 1.7

Hello Lovelinkers! :heart::link:

Update 1.7 is now available on both iOS and Android. We’ve introduced some exciting new features to keep you hot for your matches.
Here is what’s new:


  • New Player profile! Customize your profile to your liking and see your interests and achievements in one spot.
  • Updated Character Bios. Check out your matches to see your whole progress with them, their secrets, and collectibles!
  • Speaking of secrets…Checkout the new Secrets feature. Get closer to your love matches and learn their secrets. :shushing_face:


  • Stories will continue to be updated multiple times throughout the week.

Feel free to comment on this post and give us your feedback about your experiences in Lovelink!

Happy swiping! :gift_heart:

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UPDATE (July 8th, 2021)

A newer 1.7 version is available for download!

This version fixes the empty swipe section that would cause a game lock for some players. It also resolves the issue of some of your matches arriving to your dates missing a head! :scream:

As always we are continuing to improve the game! More fixes are on the way for future versions.

Happy matching Lovelinkers! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


But the issue of Ingrid/Franz being unavailable for some players still exists

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Yes but I bet the amount of Dimonds needed for stuff is still too high & on top of that we’ll probably have more stuff to do that requires Dimonds so the amount needed is likely going to be even more on top of that :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::unamused::roll_eyes::weary::tired_face::triumph:


And I bet they still will add way too many more men and like 2 girls and wait another year before we can even match with them

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I’m on the Pick Your Interests page and it won’t allow me to pick any interests :grimacing: and it won’t allow to move out of that screen and pick interests later, so i can no longer play the game

At first I liked that the gallery was combined with the profile, I thought it looked nice. Then I realized that I can no longer look at my unlocked pictures at full size without irritating icons covering them up and running the picture. Either let us select the image to see it full size without the icons, or let us download the image from the app directly so we can still see it, but don’t make it impossible to actually appreciate the art without the dang icons in the way


The ability to unmatch is back. So I unmatched Sage and tried to get one of her counterparts, and naturally it didn’t work. :pensive: Is there a purpose to unmatching after this update? Does it impact the relationship/story or is it still just a way to clear a name out of your list of matches?

Another update question…


What does it mean that Antoine “found love on Lovelink”? Is his story done? It’s nothing to do with earning the :kissing_heart: emoji level because other characters with that still say they’ll be “offline for a while.”

This right here Adms, please at least tell us you’re trying to fix it :pensive:

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The story for Antoine/Nina/Noah is over and once you match with someone their counterparts become unavailable unless you reset

Well… that kind of stinks.

Unfortunately I am aware of that. What I meant was: for a while the “unmatch” option was missing from my app, but it came back today. I was just wondering if there were any changes to it with the most recent update, along the lines of unmatching impacting story or character relationship or something. Or if it remains a function with no consequences beyond removing a character from your list of matches.

I wouldn’t know I haven’t unmatched anyone in a long time

I accidentally got matched with Ingrid holm but never replied/interacted with them and unmatched as soon as the ability to do so re appeared for me but I cannot match Franz at all. Is this happening because I initially matched with Ingrid regardless of never replying to their conversation or is this a part of the existing issue with them

The watch a video to see a new profile isn’t working. I watch the video all the way through and it wont unlock.

Where do I find the unmatch button? I accidentally matched with someone I have no interest in, but can’t find the icon for umatch anywhere.

@HauntR If you tap their profile photos to open their gallery and interests, you’ll see this little heart icon in the top right corner.

However, if you’ve already spoken to them, unmatching will remove them from your list but not effect their story. For example, I can’t unmatch Sage and match another one of the werewolves instead. If I unmatch Sage, I can only choose to rematch Sage or just totally ignore the werewolf stories and stay unmatched from all of them. The second I spoke to Sage, the other werewolves (Vitoria and Emerson) became permanently unavailable.

Thanks. I looked at it and I don’t get that icon at all… oh well, thank you again for the help! <3

An update to this thread as has been added. Check it out!

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What’s with the numbers on the profiles? I’ve been trying to figure this out and can not.