[Release Notes] Rise of Berk - 1.33.8


The ice and snow has finally melted on Berk! Celebrate Thawfest this spring with new Dragons and Dragon Statues! Participate in the Egg Hunt event to win an exclusive Dragon.

Read on for details!

NEW Dragons: Unique, Exclusive and Premium
NEW Dragon Flocks

NEW Dragon Decorations

  • Flightmare Statue
  • Thunderdrum Statue
  • Triple Stryke Statue

  • Seasonal Journeys are ALWAYS available
  • SHORTER Journey durations
  • IMPROVED Journey rewards

THREE Gauntlet Events:

  • Dragon Snatching (March to April)
  • Trader Protection (April to May)
  • Berk Census (May)

Gauntlet Consumables:

Consumables are only obtainable in the Gauntlet Event and Prize Wheel

  • Sage Fruit: Use to restore Dragon’s health and remove negative effects
  • Action Rush: Use to refill Action bar completely

NEW Classic and Gold Pack in market

Odin Coins are obtainable through:

  • Mystery Pack
  • Gold Mystery Pack (Dragon Riders club)
  • Monthly Feast Gifts
  • In-game purchases

NEW set of Dragons in Mystery, Rare and Premium Card Packs

  • Fixed several animation and visual glitches
  • Fixed an issue related to the in-game mailbox
  • Recalibrated the stats of certain Dragons
  • Improved game performance and optimization
  • Other minor bug fixes


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