[Release Notes] Rise of Berk - 1.34.9


Spring has sprung! The warm weather has brought back a friend…or rather, a reformed foe.

Read on for details!

NEW Legendary Dragon

  • Drago’s Bewilderbeast - Boost the rate of all Iron gathering on Berk
  • Additional Minion Collection
  • Unlocks a new island with one extra Fish spot and extra space to place more Dragons on Berk

NEW Dragon Flocks

NEW Brawl and Dragon Statues

  • Berk Brawler - receive additional trophies for every Brawl victory
  • Quick Claws - faster Dragons movement on the battlefield in Defend Berk
  • Sword Stealer Statue
  • Scauldron Statue

Improved Amber gathering efficiency for Legendary Dragons

Fixed Rune cost for Legendary Dragon boosts

THREE Gauntlet Events:

  • Edge Supply Run (May)
  • Hunter Ambush (June)
  • Berk Guard (June to July)

Gauntlet Consumables:

Consumables are only obtainable in the Gauntlet Event and Prize Wheel

  • Sage Fruit: Use to restore Dragon’s health and remove negative effects
  • Action Rush: Use to refill Action bar completely

NEW Classic and Gold Pack in market

Odin Coins are obtainable through:

  • Mystery Pack
  • Gold Mystery Pack (Dragon Riders club)
  • Monthly Feast Gifts
  • In-game purchases

NEW set of Dragons in Mystery, Rare and Premium Card Packs

  • Fixed event countdown not displaying the correct information
  • Fixed achievements issue related to Google Game services
  • Fixed several small issues related to Gauntlet mode
  • Improved game performance and optimization
  • Other minor bug fixes


Finally a new Skrill for my collection


Not much of a forum kinda person but have to vent somewhere about this new Drago Dragon. SERIOUSLY? 4450 runes to buy 1 snake icon thingie… 25 times?? That costs more than buying the dragon outright once search items are found. My math, 25 X 4450 is 20 THOUSAND more runes than buying it now at 91k runes. I always knew Johann was out to get the good guys… i just didnt know YOU guys were in league with him. SHAME ON YOU!! And yes, i used caps cuz i am screaming FOUL PLAY!


this game just keeps getting better.


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And one more thing, I got the new update. Its amazing, except for one thing. I was able to collect one flower for the egg, but the next day, when I went to collect my next one, it said LAST CHANCE! (like that) and the buttons are greyed out. I waited for the day after, and it has been about a week now and it still won’t let me collect any flowers (and none are showing on the actual land). Is there any way to fix this for the next time? I would fix it know, but it’s too late because I wouldn’t be able to collect them all in time (I’m not a Dragon Rider). If there is an answer to this problem, that would be very much appreciated!

Overall, the game is amazing! 10/10


Sorry about the spelling mistakes, I was typing too fast.


Close your game down, the problem solved for me. As after reading your post my flowers for the spring dragon also went grey and said last chance. I have just asked for help and the now I’ve just had to plug in my I pad. So no sure if this helped it reset, but it always worth a try good luck