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[Release Notes] Rise of Berk - 1.37.11

Can you feel a ghostly chill :ghost:? Dreadfall is among us, Vikings! A new grid system is in place for a more efficient way of building and managing your Berk and we’ve made more ROOM for your Dragons and buildings.

Read on for details!

NEW Dragon Flocks

NEW Legendary, Dragon and Effect Decorations

  • Bewilderbeast Statue - increase fish gathering of all Dragons by an additional 10% when boost is active
  • Screaming Death Statue - increase Battle stats of all Dragons by an additional 10% when boost is active
  • Drago’s Bewilderbeast Statue - increase Iron gathering of all Dragons by an additional 10% when boost is active
  • Chiefly Statue - Reduce the amount of defeated Dragons to earn Chief Packs
  • Sentinel Statue - Increase gathering efficiency of all Sentinel type Dragons
  • Seashocker Statue - Increase gathering efficiency of all Seashocker type Dragons

NEW Grid System

  • Island Optimization: more room on older islands for your Dragons and buildings

NEW Quests for Legendary Dragons, Meade Hall lvl. 14 and Great Forge lvl. 3

  • Drago’s Bewilderbeast, Purple Death and Shellfire

Stats Enhancements

  • Increased gathering stats for the following Premium Dragons:

Ruffnut’s Trancemare
Mildew’s Strain

Unique Dragons can now be renamed

  • Excluding Rider’s Dragons, Champions and Big Buff

Reminder: The number of Dragons owned per species and number of species on Berk are now displayed in the Dragon Decoration info panel. This will help players prioritize which Dragon Decoration to invest in first.

THREE Gauntlet Events:

  • Tiny Tooth Trouble (October)
  • Merchant Insurance (October to November)
  • Dragon Demographics (November)

Gauntlet Consumables:

Consumables are only obtainable in the Gauntlet Event, Prize Wheel and Seasonal Statues

  • Sage Fruit: Use to restore Dragon’s health and remove negative effects
  • Action Rush: Use to refill Action bar completely

NEW Classic and Gold Pack in market

Odin Coins are obtainable through:

  • Mystery Pack
  • Gold Mystery Pack (Dragon Riders club)
  • Monthly Feast Gifts
  • In-game purchases

NEW set of Dragons in Mystery, Rare and Premium Card Packs

  • Fixed Toothless being blocked when flying near the Shellfire
  • Fixed several in-game typos

I think toothless costume can available purchased in this update :expressionless:


I like the game i do wish i could more easily upgrade my brawl dragons … And if you dont like the game dont play it or dont complain noone cares to hear it

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Ok as far as brawls are conserned dragons that are up to level for the individual can be leveled perperson not random or dragons you might get… So if the person has the dragon it can be radomedly upgraded not dragons you dont have …per person