[Release Notes] Rise of Berk - 1.40.13

Vikings, Berk’s yearly Thawfest Egg Hunt is back! Complete the Hunt and receive an exclusive Dragon. This update also introduces the adorable baby Night Lights which will be available as Limited Events!

Read on for details!

  • NEW Night Lights
    • Available as Limited Events (Exploration, Collection and Gauntlet)
    • Can be placed on Radiant Meadows next to the Light Fury once their islands are built and fully upgraded to lvl 2
    • Can collect Fish, Wood, Iron and Defend Berk
      • Note: These baby Dragons cannot be used in Brawl and are too young to explore on their own

  • NEW Explorations

    • Vanaheim for Grim Gnasher (w/ Toothless lvl. 81)
    • Slitherwing Island for Slitherwing (w/ Toothless lvl. 126)
  • NEW Dragon Flocks

  • NEW Seasonal and Dragon Decorations

    • Winter Statue is effective from Nov 22 to Mar 30, 2019
    • Spring Statue is effective from Mar 22 to July 2, 2019
    • Chicken Statue - Increase gathering efficiency of all Chicken
    • Boneknapper Statue - Increase gathering efficiency of all Boneknapper type Dragons
    • Armorwing Statue - Increase gathering efficiency of all Armorwing type Dragons
    • Windstriker Statue - Increase gathering efficiency of all Windstriker type Dragons
  • NEW 3D Model for the Gronckle

  • Boosted Toothless’ Defender Berk stats

  • Dragon eggs are now part of the Monthly Calendar rewards

  • Based on your storage capacity, resource mails are now grouped together to reduce clutter in your mailbox

    • If your storage is full, the exceeding resources will return to your mail when you consume them.

FIVE Gauntlet Events:

  • Edge Supply Run (Mar 23 - Apr 3)
  • Shock ‘n’ Knock (Apr 7 - 20)
  • Patrol Pursuit (Apr 25 - 29)
  • Bright Might (May 3 - 16)
  • Go to The Great Beyond (May 20 - 27)

NEW Classic and Gold Pack in market

NEW set of Dragons in Mystery, Rare and Premium Card Packs

  • Light Fury gets 3 NEW exclusive Explorations

    • Nightwatch
    • Stokehead
    • Wrylite

When is the update for android? This is pathetic that you cant release it on both android and ios at the same time. After 3 year of playing i am beginning to wonder why i still bother if you give preferencial treatment to one system over the other.

So where is the update??? Nothing at all for Samsung/ Android. Are the users of that format so low on your list of priorities? Spring statue went into effect March 22nd! It’s now well after that date, where is it?

Hey @Mark1,
We tend to release the update to a small pool of players first to make sure it’s stable. This explains why certain players have the new update and others don’t. We’ll make the update available to everyone this week, thank you for your patience!

small pool of players? are those players swimming in the pool exclusively for the riders?

Well… I am that lucky guy, who received the update. And now the game doesn’t worked at all!! I wrote a letter to dragons@ludia.com - there is no answer. Terrible support.

Hey @Akira,
What kind of issue are you experiencing with the game? Maybe I can help in the meantime?

Let me know!

Hey @Marcus
I try to open application. Screen of download appears - and then app crash.
Attached Screen - that’s all I can see

Thanks @Akira!

Can you please edit your post and make sure to remove the second screenshot that displays your support key.

Now, have you tried installing and reinstalling the app?

Ok, done.

There’s something strange, but two hours ago the problem has been solved - I tried to start app and everything is ok. May be some server changes(?)

Anyway, thank you for response

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I am currently a member but my membership is ending soon, so I know that the Light Fury is only for Dragon Riders and will go away after my Membership ends. Will the new Night Lights go away too after my Membership ends? Or are they permanent like Toothless, Stormfly, etc… Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello @Skyer,

Once you end your Dragon Rider subscription, the Light Fury will remain on your Berk, but you won’t be able to use her for the exclusive explorations. The Night Lights will be available through different events and are permanent once you get them.

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Thank you for the reply!

Since updating my iPad to iOS 12.2 this morning I can’t log in to Rise of Berk. It keeps showing the “Terrible Terrors are on the loose. Your connection is lost! Please reconnect!” error message.
I am connected to the internet (using same device to post this) and I’ve tried uninstalling and downloading again from AppStore.
I’m using version 1.40.13H.
Any ideas.

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Question about the nightlights. Do we have to buy them with gems or will there be an upcoming event where you earn the nightlights. I only ask because the nightlights price is a little ridiculous and jurassic. Thank you if you reply!

The Night Lights will be available as Limited Events such as Exploration, Collection and Gauntlet.

Will the Crimson Goregutter released in game?

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I have a question for the night lights I’m a huge fan of how to train your dragon soo will the night lights stay forever or will they go away after some time because the price is a bit too much?

They stay forever and are not exclusive to Dragon Riders.

Hi @Marcus
I was wondering could u lower the prices of the night lights because I don’t think I could afford that many runes and I’m a big fan so plz would u lower them