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[Release Notes] Rise of Berk - 1.42.13

As the sun reaches its apex, it seems our riders have discovered a NEW island and have some NEW quests to embark on!

Read on for details!

  • NEW Rider Quests

    • New quests for Heather, Dagur, Valka, and Eret
    • Unlocked after Meade Hall 12
  • NEW Itchy Armpits Island

    • Two part island with a SawMill on the second island
    • Unlocked after Meade Hall 12
    • Place up to 135 Dragons on Berk depending on your island configuration

  • NEW Dragon Flocks

  • NEW Dragon Decorations

    • Eruptodon Statue - Increase the gathering efficiency of all Eruptodon type Dragons
    • Speed Stinger Statue - Increase the gathering efficiency of all Speed Stinger type Dragons
  • NEW Hunt Event - Find the Helms!

  • NEW Summer Costumes for our Riders’ Dragons

    • All Journey & Defend Berk costumes are now available in the Costume Shop.
    • Some Summer Costumes will be obtainable through future events
  • Calendar Enhancements

    • The calendar now opens automatically at launch if a reward is ready to be collected
    • The calendar icon is no longer in the Event List if the reward has been collected for the day and will reappear if a reward becomes available
  • Upcoming Exploration & Collection events are now shown in the News/Mailbox Interface

  • Re-balanced some of Gobber’s Duties, Brawl missions are now easier to achieve

  • All timers under 5 minutes are FREE to speed up

  • Exceeding Resource collected from Calendar and Quest Rewards are now sent to the Mailbox

  • Card packs now display odds - just press the info button

  • Achievement and Settings icon have been moved to the News/Mailbox Interface

FOUR Gauntlet Events:

  • Aerial Lookout (Jul 8 - 13)
  • Elemental Elements (Jul 20 - 30)
  • Dragon Hunter Disruption (Aug 2 - 16)
  • Flight Patrol (Aug 19 - 22)

NEW Classic and Gold Pack in market

NEW set of Dragons in Mystery, Rare and Premium Card Packs

  • New Exploration at level 108
    • Sawduster

  • Fixed the occasional black screen issue and crash at launch on iOS devices
  • Fixed missing localization for Achievements and Rune Mails
  • Fixed camera zoom out issue on Berserker Island

Note: Please contact our support staff at if you still encounter some of the issues above. Make sure to include your game support key.


I’m looking forward to the rest, but I love the quests for the new riders and the new island with a sawmill!


I think the update looks great! I think a HUGE update is in need of place though. If you were to add clans I think a lot more people would also play! I’ve had subscriptions for this game since 2017 and I still have it on this game and titan uprising. If you were to add clans you should atleast let people see your base! If you add clans adding clan games would be a good idea to! I really hope you take the consideration of adding clans.



I think this game could use clans but could call them TRIBES since it’s Vikings it would be cool so u could hang with friends and do friendly brawls and donate amber,wood,fish and if they were Meade hall 12 u could donate iron as well I hope this happens.

Ezra Lawrence
Kind Regards


lol you really named it itchy armpit . Great name btw


This is so exciting! Love all the content guys! Keep it flowing. My bank account absolutely hates it. Lol

How about updating it for the new iPad Pro 11 and 12? I’m tired of the black borders on my tablet.

When will it be released


hi I’m just wondering if you can add new amber statue for raids for more health, power, and distance range increase if you can then thank you

I would love to see the giant moose like dragon from httyd3


I’d love to have another fish hut.


hi I found a glitch when berserker island was added in I go to the tall rock out of the water and move the screen to the left it make it some out without stopping but you can swipe right to fix it

Yes! The Crimson Goregutter. I want it too!!!


When will this be on iOS?


Can’t wait for the update would love to see a new legendary dragon though,perhaps something based a Japanese/Chinese style dragon

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this game is based on the movie httyd. So i guess there wont be any other fantasy dragon every

Some dragon in previous update can’t buy with ruins. Please fix it


All players should now have the update available to download! Enjoy Vikings!

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Probably/hopefully that will be coming in a future update. IIRC we saw something similar with the new Legendary dragons. OTOH, I wish these had more than one collection spot!

BTW, am I the only one that has no grid on the second island? (Right after I updated, all my grids disappeared, but then they came back, including for the first new island… but not the second.)

I do wish we can zoom all the way out so we can view our map better. You know…see everything at once?