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[Release Notes] Rise of Berk - 1.44.12

Twilight has passed and Dreadfall has taken over Berk once more! This chilling time of year brings us NEW spooky Dragon flocks, NEW Costumes for the festivities, and Gauntlet events to fill your night with gloomy fun! :jack_o_lantern:

Read on for details!

Reminder: The Dreadfall Update will be released early next week.

  • NEW Dragon Flocks

  • NEW Toothless & Light Fury Exploration for Deathgripper (Level 144)
  • NEW Limited Time Dreadfall Costumes

  • Titan Skins and Equipped Costumes now show in Brawl mode

  • Choose between 2 Dragons when starting a new Collection
    • Applicable to Legendary Minion Collections, Exotic Dragon Collections and Defender Dragon Collections
  • Last chance Grace Period for Collection Events after they end
    • During the Grace Period you cannot search for Collectibles
    • Will be able to purchase the remaining Collectibles with Runes
  • Added Polished and Raw Amber as a reward in Journey
  • Can now skip the Defend Berk “1, 2, 3, Go!” Animation
  • Game is now translated in Korean and Russian Languages
  • Game now supports iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max displays

NEW Classic and Gold Pack in market

NEW set of Dragons in Mystery, Rare and Premium Card Packs

Collect VIP Daily Free Runes from the Golden Toothless Statue

  • Statue is located near the Light Fury Island
  • Golden Toothless Icon will no longer appear in the Notification Bar

THREE Gauntlet Events:

  • Villainous Vandals (October)
  • Trap the Trappers (November)
  • Fantastic Statistics (November to December)

  • Fixed spacing of scrolling bar in the Book of Dragons
  • Fixed Slitherwing and Light Fury display when leveling up to Titan
  • Fixed Turn Indicator display in Brawl to show the correct Dragon
  • Fixed effects not applied on opponent dragons in Brawl
  • Fixed Grid on Lost Deep Shellfire Island
  • Fixing mismatch of Brawl Stats in the Book of Dragons

Note: Please contact our support staff at if you still encounter some of the issues above. Make sure to include your game support key.


Nice but when are we going to be able to have wood and fish added to inventory instead of being lost when it comes from brawl and wheel spins from journeys?


When will andriod get the update?

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When will the new dragons such as Ghostglow and Joltalon be available? I’m guessing not till the event and the costumes are released. We got an update showing all the new stuff, but the costumes and events are nowhere to be seen, and only the two new premiums, Hurleqast, and the Deathgripper are the only new dragons actually available. The others are inaccessible. My guess is the update is incomplete, but I could be wrong.

—I’m not concerned about Gressjester however as he will be in a Collection Event from Oct. 30th to Nov. 4th—

Hey there Danmusta, the update for Android should be out later today for all players!

I like the update, especially picking between two dragons when starting a collection. The new dramillion is also nice. That said, the amber rewards in journey… I’m not loving that. I mean come on, 12, 15, or 20 raw amber… seriously? At least make it worth our while. Maybe along the lines of something like half the raw amber we get from some of the legendary dragons. Either that or go back to giving us runes and other rewards.


I have a question. I have reinstalled the game yesterday, all normal, but i haven’t the Halloween skins, they not appear.why?

My game has not been able to open since the update.

Hey there Ty, we’ve seen a few players voice the same grievance when it comes to amber in journeys. However, for some players it is a great new addition to the wheel. Our team is trying to increase the amount of places one can find raw amber. Depending on a player’s level it may be more or less useful for them, so it’s great to hear from you!

Hey there Brian, our team is aware of this issue with the new Dreadfall update and have created a fix that should address the crashes and performance issues. This update should be available by tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!

Hey. Congratulations to all on the new update. However, I do not see any Dreadfall Costumes. Also, you made a Russian-language version of the game, in which you did not take into account one detail: the search keyboard has only Latin characters. Now searching in the book of dragons and in the hangar is impossible. Perhaps you could add the ability to choose a language in the settings? Or you should add a cyrillic keyboard.

Hey Rose, thank you for writing back. You make a fair point about players being at different levels having different needs. And I have to admit the journey rewards and costs generally increase as a player becomes more capable. Plus, I supported the suggestion to make this change, and I still think it can be a good idea. I also have to acknowledge that Grump’s journey can provide 120 raw amber. Maybe it would be possible to explore a solution to base the amount of amber received as a reward in journey on the number of legendary dragons a player has unlocked. That could represent a nice way to provide a useful amount of amber to a player as they progress in the game.

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When seedling rumblehorn attacks, half his mouth gets stuck in the ground.

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Version 1.44.16 is already available in Google Play

The game had updated by Amazon Appstore to Version 1.44.13 but since the update it is also not able to open.

There is a small downside of adding amber to journey reward: Meatlug is now costing runes instead of earning runes in journey. Journey used to be a main source of runes for me and now the production is lowered. I may need to adjust my way of playing. Overall the game is better.

Looks like there is a small glitch with this; Mossguard shows up in the BoD as available via a limited collection for the next “4294967293h4294967”.

I noticed that there are no notification when the daily runes are available?

Yeah, that’s a definite drawback of the new statue. I understand and agree with hiding the notification when runes aren’t ready to be collected (folks like to complain, understandably, about that side bar having too much junk in it), but maybe when they are ready it should still show up?

Really, it seems like folks would prefer it to act more like the calendar…

BTW, I like the increased amber in the latest update. Thank you for listening!