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[Release Notes] Rise of Berk - 1.45.7

The Frost of Snoggletog has overcome Berk! Welcome the snow and meet the NEW Legendary Dragon, Flocks, Costumes and fight with NEW abilities in Brawl mode!

Read on for details!

NEW Legendary Dragon

  • Unlocked by completing a Collection
    • Collection Requirements: have at least 8,100 Vikings on Berk and Purple Death
  • Unlocks a new island with a new fishing spot
  • Crimson Goregutter - Searches for collectibles of other legendary minion collections and Raw Amber
  • Activate a boost with runes to increase the gathering rate of Fish and Wood by 10% for all gathering dragon

NEW Dragon Flocks

Dragon Classes Added

  • All Dragon Classes and Dragon Flocks are now shown in the Dragon ID pop-up

NEW Seasonal, Dragon and Effect Decorations

  • Singetail Statue - Increase gathering efficiency of all Singetail type Dragons
  • Crimson Goregutter Statue - Increase the Legendary’s Boost Effect by an additional 10% for a total of +30% on Fish & Wood gathering
  • Dragon Trainer Statue - Train Dragons at the Academy and Dragon’s Edge Academy for less time
  • Gather All Statue - Collect all your Dragons’ gathered resources in one action
  • Winter Statue - Generate resources over time, but generates more QUICKLY during their own season
    • Fall Statue Time is effective until Dec 1, 2019
    • Winter Statue is effective from Nov 22 - Mar 30, 2020

NEW Snoggletog Costumes

NEW Brawl Dragon Abilities

6 New Abilities

  • Poison: Inflicts additional damage on an enemy for 2 turns
  • Taunt: All rival Dragons must attack this dragon for 2 turns
  • Command: Allies can use any ability for free for 1 turn
  • Blind: Identify all allies as rivals for 1 turn
  • Reflection: Reflects all incoming damage for 2 turns
  • Swap: Exchange effects with an enemy

Improved matchmaking for Arena 5, 6 and 7

Class icon added in Brawl Combat

  • Tapping this icon opens the Class Ladder in full screen

Target line when aiming at Dragons now changes color depending if your Dragon’s attack is Neutral (Blue), Weaker (Red) or Stronger (Green) against the enemy target

  • Allies are also shown as Neutral (Blue)

We now show the % of Buffs/Debuffs applied by Brawl Ability Descriptions

  • Example: “All allies gain attack up by 25%”

6 New Heroic Dragons are added to Brawl - tokens given at arenas specified

  • Meatlug - Arena 2
  • Stormfly - Arena 3
  • SkullCrusher - Arena 4
  • Barf & Belch - Arena 5
  • Hookfang - Arena 6
  • Sleuther - Arena 7


  • Berk’s Duties

    • Collection, Costumes, Eret’s Boat, Defend Berk and Gobber’s Duties have been grouped in the new Berk’s Duties HUD
      • Costumes can still be accessed from Rider Dragons
      • Defend Berk and Gobber’s Duties have been removed from the Event List and Notification Bar

  • Heather, Dagur, Valka and Eret have been added to the Rider’s Sub Menu

Dragon Rebalancing

Decreased the Hatching time of several Dragons on Berk - Click to see list
  • Lil Lullaby
  • Ambered Nadder
  • Dronkeys
  • Edgewing
  • Exotic Egg Biter
  • Exotic Shovelhelm
  • Exotic Sword Stealer
  • Foliander
  • {(^_^)}'s<^),//,)~
  • Quiverpain
  • Book Wyrm
  • Earsplitter
  • Krustler
  • Nightwatch
  • Boneshedder
  • Chompers
  • Snaggletooth
  • Outsnapper
  • Sinker-Claws
  • Shattermaster
  • Stoneslice
  • Increase amount of Raw Amber in Journey reward
  • Decrease the amount of Fish given when failing Valka’s Level 3 Training (now capped at 650M)

Building Rotation Mode

  • Buildings (Viking Houses and Statues) can now be rotated
    • This does not include Dragon Roosts

Training Pop-Up

  • Confirmation pop-up was added when wanting to train a Dragon

Defend Berk Health Bar

  • Health bar of deployed dragons is now shown on the profile image of a Dragon in Defend Berk

Google Play Game has been reactivated

  • Players can now view and synch their Rise Of Berk achievements

NEW Light Fury Explorations

  • Hookfire at Level 145

TWO Gauntlet Events, and more to come

  • Fantastic Statistics (November to December)
  • Soaring Surprise (December)

NEW Classic and Gold Pack in market

NEW set of Dragons in Mystery, Rare and Premium Card Packs

  • Journey screens have been optimized for iPhone X Ratios
  • Fixed the Whispering Death being stuck on the opponent’s side when attacking
  • Fixed idle Dragons in bundles (Sword Stealer, Fireworm Princess and Whispering Death)
  • Optimized initial loading time
  • Improved game stability by fixing crashes
  • Light Fury will not have the effect of Toothless’ equipped costumes (for explorations)
  • Fixed crash when obtaining a costume on Android without having unlocked the associated Dragon before
  • Fixed text issues in Russian and Korean

Known Issues

  • The Keyboard for Search and Renaming has been removed in Russian and Korean until we figure out a way to implement RU and KO characters in the keyboard.

Note: Please contact our support staff at if you still encounter some of the issues above. Make sure to include your game support key.


Looks like fun! When is the release date?


When will the update available at Amazon Appstore?

My son uses the version 1.44.16 H which was updated by Amazon on 21.10.2019. There is no more current version available. He hasn’t been able to open the game for three days. Sufficient memory is available.

Google Playstore has already made a more recent version (1.44.18) available on 19.11.2019.

Why is an update available at Amazon Appstore much later?

Will this be improved in the future?

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Hey there Angelika, the update that you have seen (1.44.18) was just a bug fix that came out last week. At most, in the next couple days the NEW Update (1.45.7, as noted in the Release Notes title) will be available on all platforms!

Keep an eye out for a cute new Toothless icon and the version number 1.45.7, that will be the one that features everything listed here :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

The update will be out on all platforms in the next few days! Keep an eye out in your store! :blush:

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Hi !
This new update when it will be released, I think that it would be the best one !
And it’s not all, I actually wanted to tell you that when your islands are full, it’s kinda annoying to optimize it again. So, if there’s any way to one click optimize, I’ll appreciate it.
Ps: sorry for any spelling or other mistakes and since I knew that Google translate isn’t that good I tried my best to write this text.


This is good news. We are looking forward to the release. But it would be even nicer if the game could be opened by then.

I wonder when or if Dragon racing will be implemented in an update. That seems to be the gang’s favorite thing to do. That would make this game more inline and consistent.

I see Heather, Dager, Eret, and Valka now on the rider club, but is there journeys for them…or better yet Dragon racing adventures they do?

So… I think this is actually my second¹ most hated update:

  • Collecting from legendary dragons no longer zooms out. I play on a tablet, with a stylus, so pinch gestures are incredibly annoying and require getting fingerprints and skin oil on my screen. Previously I could at least somewhat avoid this; now, not so much.
  • The added “confirmation” screen when training dragons is incredibly irritating and utterly pointless. Please get rid of it or at least give us an option to turn it off. (For that matter, I sort of wish the confirmation to collect iron would also go away.)
  • Gobber’s Duties are now much harder to notice. Considering they are time limited, I don’t think they should be hidden. Moving Defend off the side bar makes sense, but IMO Gobber’s Duties should be moved back.
  • A bunch of defenders now get double attacks? Great, now brawl is even more awful. :cry:
  • Loading time is not noticeably better; the game still sometimes hangs at the loading screen.
  • …and still nothing has been done about the broken input handling.

(Âą The worst update ever was the one that introduced brawl.)

I like the gather all statue and that it resets all the dragons back to gathering. Thank you! But I don’t get the confirmation card for training. That’s annoying. Can we drop that at the next update? Still enjoying this game. Thank you for the continued work.

More issues:

  • Skullcrusher is in the wrong place. And upside down.
  • Some rider dragons have rune icons over them all the time, even if they aren’t doing anything. (Waiting to make a choice in a journey may be triggering it, but the icon stays even after the journey is complete and the prize has been collected.)
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Glad I’m not the only one that saw this. What an odd glitch.

A small problem, command would allow the dragon to use abilities for one turn regardless of the points presently have, but not for free. The attack points still would be used.

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Another noted issue with fish and wood … When using the supplies the amount no longer reduces so you’ve no idea how much you have while it keeps and even adds to the overage number … Please add this to a quick bug update

Find more info and updates about the iOS Snoggletog Update delay here: [NEWS] Rise Of Berk | Snoggletog Update iOS

We will be posting under that thread when the Update goes live!
Thanks for your patience iOS players :heart:

Continuing the discussion from [Release Notes] Rise of Berk - 1.45.7:

I thought it would be awesome if you add day and night mode in Rise of Berk. After 8pm the game will turn dark as it is now in dreadfall udpate. It will last to 8am and the game will turn light and sunny.


It would seem odd to see riders in the new menu if they don’t have journeys associated with them. But they could be laying the foundation in this release that they build on in a future release. This is just speculation, but maybe their plan is to add the menu to interact with the other riders in this update, and add in the journeys in a future update.

I’m not a big fan of bundling all of the duties together either. As you mention, Gobber’s duties are managed in twelve hour increments, and bundling everything this way means it is easy to overlook those duties and miss opportunities to collect rewards.
I have to admit, I do like that collecting from the legendary dragons no longer messes with where I put the zoom. It almost makes me wish that were a configurable item so that users can work with the interface as they desire.
I haven’t seen the double attacks yet in brawl, but I have to agree, that would really just make brawl more aggravating.