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[Release Notes] Rise of Berk - 1.49.10

Vikings, it’s time to gear up for a NEW Midsummer’s Celebration, NEW Gauntlet event types, and Dragons! A NEW Legendary Dragon has also arrived to the shores of Berk!

Read on for details!

  • NEW Legendary Dragon
  • Submaripper - Boost lowers the refill time of Gauntlet Stamina when activated
    • Additional Minion Collection
    • Unlocks a new island
    • Available through a Collection at Meade Hall 14 and Great Forge 5
  • NEW Limited Seasonal Event - Midsummer’s Celebration
    • Exchange the NEW Festive FirefliesSeasonal Currency for selected Dragons, Navigating Meatlug Costume, and NEW Seasonal Decorations for your Berk!

  • NEW Dragon Flock

  • NEW Sidebar Menu
    • Most icons that used to be found on the right side of the screen have been moved to new Offers , Events , and News icons
  • NEW Summer Costumes
    • Summer Star Toothless
    • Sleuther Hornet

  • 2 NEW Loyalty Event - Bork’s Honor Feast, find the Helms!

  • Gauntlet Events are now visible by clicking the new Events Sidebar Menu icon
  • 2 NEW Gauntlet Types
    • Survival - Fight against 5 to 7 waves of Dragons, the difficulty increases with each wave!
    • Class - All opponents are from the same Class of Dragons (Protector, Furious, Swift, Cunning)
  • Since the previous update, we have replaced Gauntlet Lives with Gauntlet Stamina
  • An animation now shows a decrease in Gauntlet Stamina when starting a Gauntlet Battle
    • Gauntlet Stamina will be unique for each Gauntlet Event

15 NEW Gauntlet Events

  • Berk Census (July 6 - 8)
  • Twin Duty (July 9 - 13)
  • Survival Gauntlet (July 11 - 14)
  • Class Gauntlet - Furious v. Protector (July 15 - 19)
  • Raider Rush (July 17 - 22)
  • Survival Gauntlet (July 23 - 26)
  • Daring Dispersion (July 26 - 30)
  • Pal Poll (July 29 - 31)
  • Barterer Bodyguard (August 2 - 7)
  • Class Gauntlet - Protector v. Cunning (August 3 - 7)
  • Go to The Great Beyond (August 9 - 13)
  • Trap the Trappers (August 11 - 15)
  • Dragon Demographics (August 17 - 19)
  • Scout Scatter (August 16 - 20)
  • Survival Gauntlet (August 22 - 25)

NEW Classic and Gold Pack in market

NEW set of Dragons in Mystery, Rare and Premium Card Packs

  • Gauntlet News appears for all players during VIP time
  • Fixed flickering visual glitch with Crimson Goregutter island
  • Fixed “No more videos available” popup appearing when dismissing an Ad
  • Fixed Defend Berk Dragon Cooldown and Berk Repair not costing any Runes
  • Fixed various issues with Gauntlet Stamina (timer missing, stamina not regenerating, etc…)
  • Fixed crash when receiving a Costume from a Card Pack when Costume Mode was not unlocked

Known Issues

  • Crash when clicking on an item in the Mailbox - if you experience this issue please email our Support team at with your Support Key and they will assist you!

Note: Please contact our support staff at if you still encounter some of the issues listed above. Make sure to include your game support key.


I love the new interface. The option to watch ads seems to be back… But surprise surpise… no available videos.

coool, a massive submaripper

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I have small question, though it’s not related to the update. Is the Crimson Goregutter in the game the same one that appeared in Dragons: Dawn of New Riders? I couldn’t help but notice that the island where the Goregutter is located has been renamed to Havenholme, the main location in Dawn of New Riders.

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You wrote:

  • Fixed various issues with Gauntlet Stamina (timer missing, stamina not regenerating, etc…)

Timer is still missing and stamina does not regenerate. Just spent 520 runes to finish the gauntlet. Luckily the Classic Pack gave me 550 runes (plus rewards of 100 and 150 runes on the way).

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Known Issues: You just locked a bunch of players out of the game. Thanks a lot.

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Hey there Yo_Tam, we encourage our players who are experiencing this issue with the timer to please contact our support team at with your Support Key so they can investigate this issue and assist you accordingly. Thanks for your patience and for having reached out to us!

Hey there robocat, are you currently experiencing the crash when accessing your mailbox, or can you not log in at all? If you are experiencing the crash that occurs when you try to collect from your mailbox, please contact our support staff at with your Support Key so they may assist you and subsequently fix the problem. Thanks for your patience and for having reached out to us here!

I mean the game won’t launch without being updated, and the update blacklisted my device (and I assume that of everyone else who was previously affected by the TLS fiasco).

I sent an e-mail to support already and have not received any response, not even an auto-reply.

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2 full days no access to gauntlet at all… what a waste of potential earnings… had zero issues before the new update, revert me back please

Still no response, however I was able to manually transfer my game from my lovely tablet to my tiny phone. Absolutely not an improvement, but at least I can play again. (Good to know I’ll likely be able to transfer it myself when I get a new tablet, also…)

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People were getting thousands of amber in their mail. Why wasn’t it sent to everyone? I didn’t receive mine.

Hey drcarys, I know the answer to this. If you completed some of the Gauntlet before updating, and hadn’t claimed the Raw Amber rewards, the Raw Amber turned into Polished Amber when the update hit.

Not intentional at all from Ludia but good for some folks to get 2,000 Polished Amber.

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Well, it was sort-of behaving initially, but yeah, now I’m being affected by this also. I can open the mailbox, but scrolling causes it to crash instantly. Anything (wood, fish) sent to mail also causes it to crash instantly. When is this going to be fixed?

(I sent a message to shortly before posting this…)

Trying to spin the gauntlet prize wheel also crashes instantly. I can maybe understand the mail crash slipping through QA, but gauntlets being completely unplayable?

Also, WTH is with gauntlets being nearly impossible to find? They should be under ‘events’, not buried in the help of Berk’s Duties.

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I don‘t have a timer for the Gauntlet event and I don‘t have the Gauntlet event that’s a bug can you fix that

It would be awesome if you could purchase Iron packs in Odin’s Market.

즐거운게임 지난 시즌 리그 최고의 인기를 누리고 있다

Translated from Korean

Enjoyable Game Last season’s most popular league

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