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[Release Notes] Rise of Berk - 1.52

Fall is in full swing on Berk. As the Vikings reap the final harvest we jump into the season with a new update.

Read on for details!

NINE Gauntlet Events

  • Incident: Sanctuary Savagery (November)
  • Survival Gauntlet (November)
  • Swift v. Furious Class Gauntlet (November)
  • Crisis: Dragon Root Spread (November)
  • Drill: Though Rebuff (November)
  • Survival Gauntlet (November)
  • Drill: Aerial Lookout (November)
  • Crisis: Soaring Surprise (November)
  • Protector v. Cunning (December)

NEW Classic and Gold Pack in market

NEW set of Dragons in Mystery, Rare and Premium Card Packs

  • General
    • Fixed crash that occurred when canceling a purchase on iOS 14.
    • Fixed Customer Support page that showed black text on a black background when using iOS Dark Mode.
  • Builder
    • Fixed invisible Twa Corbies and Urdwell Dreadfall Omen decorations.
    • Fixed crash that occurred when collecting Fish or Wood from the calendar when Resource Storages were full.
  • Brawl
    • Fixed Dragons showing as babies with no animation in the Brawl Menu if the Dragons were on Berk in baby form.

Note: Please contact our support staff at if you still encounter some of the issues above. Make sure to include your game support key.

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I still don’t see the Twa Corbies in the Market. Also I hope in the future you can add the option to destroy Seasonal Decorations (for those who have duplicates).

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It’s good to have more dragons in brawl but I really hope you change the level system. I hope we can choose which to level up instead of only making Do with what we get from token packs. For example, can we trade tokens of one dragon for another?


I am Messing more restplaces för my dragons. What is written in the roadmap at this point?

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Please return the option to delete decorations…

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You can still destroy Amber Decorations. There’s never been a way to destroy Seasonal Decorations. Edit: I see the Twa Corbies in the new Market now.

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I am a huge fan of the game since it began.
I have many ideas por new updates.
the biggest one is related to the new film, related the hidden world, i have done a concept art to see what would be the main idea.

In the middle the giant cristal where toothless and light fury can be, also many places where you can place your dragons to see them with the exclusive outfits of the hidden world. (from the common ones to premium, the legendary ones is more hard, so i do not have any idea, it depends on the space. During the game you can upgrade the giant gristal to have more space in the hidden world.
Related to the vikings, you can put the new berk island, where you can increase the number of vikings without improving the Great Hall, instead you must improve the stoicks statue of new berk. At the same time you must build new builts and place them wherever you want.
And that is all.
Minnor ideas can be putting something related to Grimmel, like drago’s bewilderbeast. One ideas is the Grimmel’s tower, where you can place Grimmel’s one- eye deathgripper or GrimmeI’s airship where you can place his deathgrippers.
Thank’s guys, good job.


That entire system needs to be reworked or replaced. 90% of the brawl dragons are useless right now due to this system.

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I used to like brawl…now it’s like it you don’t spent $ to get card packs/tokens/runes it’s harder &harder to level your Dragon up! Then I’m stuck with a few8a cpl 9&one10(rest are 6’s&of course I’m fighting 12’s &13’s)I’ve got some tokens but I’ve got to upgrade/train to51st why but alas I just enough wood for the hall to an 8 so…my academy can only go to level 36…requires more patience than I have😕I love this game but…not to mention I’ve had 3brawls end with me winning&the game crashes I lost cards&resources…etc😒

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I’m so disappointed that you removed Gold and Classic pack from Gauntlet rewards. The gauntlet pack doesn’t even compare.
Why do you keep removing and nerfing rewards from this game?