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[Release Notes] Rise of Berk - 1.53

The snow has started to fall on Berk! Welcome the Snoggletog season with NEW Decorations in the Seasonal Market, NEW Dragons, and splendid Costumes.

Read on for details!

  • NEW Limited Seasonal Event - Snoggletog Spirit
    • Exchange NEW Yak Nog Seasonal Currency for selected Dragons, Dragon costumes and the NEW Seasonal Decorations shown below
    • Keep an eye on the timer in the Berk Market’s Seasonal tab to know exactly when one Season ends and the following Season will begin.

  • NEW Dragon Flock

  • NEW Dragon Costumes: Hidden World Light Fury and Tick Tock Toothless!

  • NEW Hunt Event Snoggletog Feast - Find the Viking Snowmen!

NEW Gauntlet Events

  • Dragon Hunter Disruption (December)
  • Twinstruction (December)
  • Scout Scatter (December)
  • Furious v. Protector Class Gauntlet (December)
  • Survival Gauntlet (December)
  • Dragon Root Risk (December - January)
  • Hunter Repel (December - January)
  • Trader Protection (January)
  • Survival Gauntlet (January)
  • Daring Dispersion (January)
  • Best Be Prepared (January)
  • Cunning v. Swift (January)
  • Patrol Pursuit (January)
  • Survival Gauntlet (January)
  • Swift v. Furious (January)
  • Flight Patrol (January)
  • Tiny Tooth Trouble (January - February)

NEW Classic and Gold Pack in market

NEW set of Dragons in Mystery, Rare and Premium Card Packs

  • General
    • Improved general stability during Tutorial

Note: Please contact our support staff at if you still encounter some of the issues above. Make sure to include your game support key.

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Glad the Seasonal event is almost 2 months long, there are 3 dragons plus a costume I want to get. :grin:


It’s officially been a year since the last dragon species was added to the game (the Crimson Goregutter). Do you guys have any plans to add any new species? There are a couple of dragons in School of Dragons that haven’t been added to Rise of Berk, plus those fore unnamed dragon species from HTTYD 2. I’m not saying that I don’t appreciate the game, we got really cool content this year, like the Hidden World costumes and the two new islands, but it would be nice to see some new species in the game.


I know right :smirk: Same! Tho my game is acting odd at the Mo…hopefully with more time this time around I’ll get there too! When will the decorations be available(or seen) sorry if I missed the date of something?


Toothless’s Blue Alpha costume isn’t working since the update, the bonus isn’t being applied anymore.


When are we going to get more dragon spots on Berk? There is a ton of wasted, empty space right now.


Hey there Tauriel, it’s definitely not completely off the table! Thanks for mentioning it! Actually we are going to be doing a survey soon to gather even more player feedback like this so keep an eye out for that, we’d love to hear more of your opinions about Rise of Berk!


The Snoggletog Seasonal Market has opened on Berk! You can start collecting YakNog now! :smiley:


Come si chiamano le due nuove isole io non le vedo

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Translated From Italian

I don’t see what the two new islands are called

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English; we have translated your post using Google Translate. In the future, please remember to include an English translation.

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Please add more slots to treasury! 60 is just about nothing, as we have so many decorations, that it’s already full. And please add the possibility to destroy unneeded decorations, that would help very much!


Still have no decorations to see/buy?

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So RoB is no longer a free game? Bc as I went four times to FB for me runes (which it wouldn’t let me get btw) it says ALL Platforms new update a avail today… On my Amazon app store it’s $2.99 ? Did I miss something off is that right??? If so… :confused: :disappointed_relieved: :open_mouth: :frowning_face_with_open_mouth: :anguished: :persevere: :weary: :sob: :no_mouth:

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I don’t know much about Amazon, but what’s your OS?


Thanks for replying sorry Thom so long to answer you (major migraine) it finally came out&updated yesterday!!! I was stressing out big time man… :smirk:So happy now! Plus I can finally see the decorations too!! One question on the decorations
★The timers set the bottom left corner? What do they mean, is it like :hourglass_flowing_sand:20mins at that Yaknog price?

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That’s how long it takes to build the Decoration.


I gotcha thanx! Good look


Жаль я не смогу получить ,уж маловато ресов

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Sorry, I can’t understand Russian.

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Translated from Russian

It’s a pity I can’t get it, too few rees

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Hey so I kinda need help finding something in the game. There was this thing where I fought enemies in rounds and at the end of it got a pack with runes arms everything and now I have no idea how to do it again. If one Of you guys know how please tell me

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