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[Release Notes] Rise of Berk - 1.54

Can you feel the love, Vikings? A NEW Valentine Update is coming soon! :cupid: This update includes NEW Dragons, NEW Seasonal Decorations to spread love around Berk, NEW Dragon Costumes, and several game enhancements.

Read on for more details!

  • NEW Limited Seasonal Event - Freya’s Blessing
    • Set to begin on February 12, 2021
    • Visit the Berk Market to exchange the Freya’s Flowers seasonal currency for Dragons, Dragon costumes, and NEW Seasonal Decorations

Note: Keep an eye on the event timer in the Berk Market’s Seasonal tab to know exactly when one Season ends and begins.

February Gauntlets (9)

  • Incident: Go to The Great Beyond
  • Crisis: Barterer Bodyguard
  • Drill: Pal Poll
  • Survival Gauntlet
  • Class Gauntlet (Protector vs. Cunning)
  • Crisis: Raider Rush
  • Drill: Pestering Pests
  • Class Gauntlet (Cunning vs. Swift)
  • Incident: Tiny Tooth Trouble

March Gauntlets (8)

  • Drill: Twin Duty
  • Survival Gauntlet
  • Incident: Best Be Prepared
  • Crisis: Spiteful Strike
  • Class Gauntlet (Furious vs. Protector)
  • Drill: Daring Dispersion
  • Survival Gauntlet
  • Incident: Elemental elements

NEW Classic and Gold Pack

NEW set of Dragons in Mystery, Rare, and Premium Card Packs

  • NEW Exploration
    • Flutterfang at lvl 118
  • NEW Light Fury costume (Ostara Light Fury)

  • Minor visual and game enhancements
  • Game optimization for Android players
  • Fixed several UI and text string issues
  • Fixed the Hobgobbler species placement in the Titan level up screen
  • Fixed Slinkling’s baby Dragon texture
  • Fixed the issue where the “building construction” sound effect is active when there is no construction on Berk
  • Fixed the issue where players can’t accept Facebook cookies due to the screen being cut off

Note: Please contact our support staff at if you still encounter some of the issues above. Make sure to include your game support key.

KNOWN ISSUES (bugs that our team is working on)

  • Selecting the Snaptrapper in Exploration will cause the game to crash Fixed
  • Minor visual issues in the new Exploration menu when playing on lower-end devices
  • The resource bar buttons at the top do not redirect to Berk Market when in the Exploration menu
  • Random SFX can play for several seconds when minimizing the application or accessing your notifications while in-game
  • The Titan Wheel, Dragon Feeding and Training HUD may appear randomly when returning to the game. This can happen in the following scenarios:
    • Minimizing and maximizing your app
    • Watching a video or accessing the Tapjoy Offerwalls
    • Seeing iOS/Gplay/Amazon native popups (Purchase or Rate the App)
    • Going to Helpshift, Community, or other HTML pages
      NOTE: This can sometimes result in a temporary loss of your HUD

Update: hotfix is released to fix all the known issues.


Love the redesign of the exploration page.


These new dragons look AMAZING! So hyped for Derelicker! (still no Tribes though xD)


Hehe! I was waiting for your Tribe suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:


And what do you think of it? Would it fit to the game? :wink:


Definitely a suggestion worth sharing! Our Developers will evaluate how feasible this idea is. No guarantees though!


Thank you for your response! Please let us know how your team decided, either for clarification or for extra hype. Have a nice day!

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The costumes look AMAZING! A bit disappointed that there aren’t any new species, but the other new dragons will have to do for now. I specifically look forward to the Thornridge, it looks like it has a Hidden World glow to it!


Please everyone note the added issue.

:no_entry_sign:NO SEARCHING FOR SNAPTRAPPERS​:no_entry_sign:

Selecting the Snaptrapper in Exploration will cause the game to crash in the latest update.

The team know and will fix it as soon as they can.

This issue is now sorted!


I love how the costumes are from Titan Uprising! The Valentine’s outfit for the Light Fury and the St. Paddy’s Toothless costume are among my favorites. Does this mean we may see future costumes for the other main dragons from Titan Uprising in the future? Such as Easter Barf and Belch for Easter? I think they’d look really great in Rise of Berk, especially given the art for Toothless and the Light Fury.

I’m definitely up for more seasonal costumes, especially for the exchange shop now that I have almost every decoration from every past season.


I have to say, you’re onto something @Techno :wink: .


@Marcus @PkmnTrainerJ: Auto collection of all or some of the fish and wood collectors sometimes occurs in the new release as part of this reported bug:

The Titan Wheel, Dragon Feeding and Training HUD may appear randomly when returning to the game. This can happen in the following scenarios: …

This is a super annoying detect in the game and creates problems when trying to collect large amounts of wood and/or fish that will not go to mail if max amount is reached.

Also found out auto iron collection occurs.


Thanks for this. Marcus will see this and pass on to the team too but I know they will be looking at different angles and any ways that the crashes and errors may happen and work to fix them. :+1:


the redesign looks great


@Marcus The defect also includes auto iron collection. Thanks and hope for a quick fix. This defect will result in some players not being able to easily collect several G of fish or wood a day based on Toothless exploration bonus.


Definitely made the team aware of this, thanks @Evanejo!


I’m loving the UI changes! Looks so crisp now. :slight_smile: Thanks guy.


I love the new update! Especially the toothless/light fury faces when choosing the amount of exploration bags. Anyways, Don’t know why but whenever I exit RoB by double clicking the home button, A bunch of random dragon sounds start.

Not a very major thing but just something that’s a little strange, Might be a bug or not.

Edit: Just realised its on the list of known bugs, Glad your working so hard on the bug fixing.


There’s a bug going on with the tutorial part of the game, when it tells you to press search on the Monstrous Nightmare, the UI doesn’t display the 3rd bag option, only 1st and 2nd. I’ve done some testing and uninstalled and reinstalled the game 12 times now. Out of these 12 times, 4 had the bug and the rest had alll 3 bags.


Another bug in combination with the sfx bug is that everything gets collected from every dragon… I like it but yeah ,:joy: Android btw