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[Release Notes] Rise of Berk - 1.55

The snow is melting on Berk and with it, a new update is blooming! Coming soon to Berk will be NEW Dragons, NEW Thawfest Decorations, and NEW Dragon Costumes. You can also train your Dragons to higher levels and place MORE of them on your Berk!

Keep reading for all the details!

  • NEW Limited Seasonal Event - Thawfest Meltdown
    • Set to begin on April 1st, 2021
    • Visit the Berk Market to exchange the Thawfest Pennons seasonal currency for Dragons, Dragon costumes, and NEW Seasonal Decorations

Note: Keep an eye on the event timer in the Berk Market’s Seasonal tab to know exactly when one Season ends and begins.

  • NEW Dragon Level Cap

    • Train your Dragons up to level 175
    • Previous cap: level 150
  • NEW Dragon Limit on Berk

    • Place up to 200 Dragons
    • Previous cap: 170 Dragons
  • NEW Building

    • 2 additional Treasure Hoard Expansion (purchasable with Runes)
  • NEW Building Upgrades

    • Great Forge Level 6

      • Requires 30 Dragons at level 150
    • Viking Cabin Iron Upgrade

      • Adds 100 Vikings per House
    • Dragon’s Edge Fish Basin Level 3

      • Requires 9,300 Vikings
      • New storage limit: 2.25B Fish
    • Dragon’s Edge Wood Stack Level 3

      • Requires 9,300 Vikings
      • New storage limit: 2.25B Wood
    • Iron Storage Level 15

      • Requires 9,500 Vikings
      • New storage limit: 35,000 Iron
    • Dragon’s Edge Academy Level 3

      • Requires 10,000 Vikings
  • NEW Exploration

    • Badmist Mountains for Bellworthy (w/ Toothless level 170)
  • NEW Loyalty Event -Thawfest Egg Hunt, find and collect all the Eggs

  • NEW Thawfest Seasonal Decorations (3)

  • NEW Dragon Costumes
    • Bunny-eared Toothless
    • Effect: 20% more chance to get a Dragon’s egg in Exploration and 20% Increase chances to get better rewards in Journey


  • Blooming Barf & Belch
  • Effect: 2.5x multiplier for Fish in Journey and 2.5x multiplier for Wood in Journey

  • NEW Dragon Flock

  • NEW Quests

    • Search for a DeathGripper 3 times
    • Level up 30 Dragons at level 150
    • Upgrade the Great Forge to level 6
    • Upgrade the Wood Stack on Dragon’s Edge to level 3
    • Upgrade the Fish Basin on Dragon’s Edge to level 3
    • Upgrade the Iron Storage to level 15
    • Upgrade the Dragon’s Edge Academy to level 3
  • Defend Berk Balancing

    • All Defender Dragons now cost 6 Energy instead of 8 to deploy on the Battlefield.
  • Titans cost 7 instead of 9

  • Range stats of the following Damage type Dragons are now rebalanced and equal to all other Damage type Dragons:

    • Death Gripper
    • Executie
    • Frostfright’s big bro
    • Gnasteeze
    • Grim Gnasher
    • Dawnbite
    • Grim Hornettle
    • Glazier
    • Toadlich

March Gauntlets (2)

  • Crisis: Trader Protection
  • Incident: Go to The Great Beyond

April Gauntlets (10)

  • Survival Gauntlet
  • Class Gauntlet (Protector vs Cunning)
  • Crisis: Preemptive Pounding
  • Drill: Dragon Demographics
  • Incident: Dragon Rider Discipline
  • Drill: Patrol Pursuit
  • Crisis: Soaring Surprise
  • Survival Gauntlet
  • Class Gauntlet (Furious vs Protector)
  • Incident: Best be Prepared

May Gauntlets (4)

  • Drill: Aerial Lookout
  • Survival Gauntlet
  • Incident: Edge Supply Run
  • Drill: Recon Removal

NEW Classic and Gold Pack

NEW set of Dragons in Rare and Premium Card Packs

  • Berk

    • Game optimization for Android players
    • Fixed issue for players who couldn’t collect the Hunt puzzle pieces and where the timer was stuck in “Last Chance”.
    • Enhanced custom species roar sound effect playing during Hatching Sequence
  • Exploration

    • Stabilized resource stats bar when in Exploration view
    • Visual enhancements in the Exploration Reward and Hatching screens
  • Defend Berk

    • Executie can now be used in Defend Berk
  • Brawl

    • Fixed ad viewing issue resulting in Brawl Tokens not being rewarded
  • Market

    • Fixed issues related to ad viewing in Berk Market
    • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes freeze when opening the Collectibles Card Pack.
  • General

    • Improved game stabilization
    • Fixed visual and text inconsistencies in Book of Dragons and Dragon Bios

Note: Please contact our support staff at if you still encounter some of the issues above. Make sure to include your game support key.

KNOWN ISSUES (bugs that our team is working on)

Odin’s Market

  • Invalid Dragon glitch appearing in the Card Pack Odds of the Gold Pack FIXED

Max Level Cap

  • Past level 165, some Dragons require more resources to Train than the current Max Storage Capacity possible. FIXED


  • Visual issues with Disting Feast Table and Snowgronckle Decoration.
  • Game crashes if Handfasting Arch Seasonal Decoration is placed on Berk. FIXED

This all looks fantastic. So long since we’ve had a Defender Dragon added and DeathGripper makes sense!

Also, I need about 12 Bellworthy please.


This is the first big update we had since December 2019 and the wait was worth it. Also, dragon sheep as playable dragons? Where do you guys even get these ideas from? :joy: (Although to be fair, we already had chickens and a turkey in the game, so this is not too far from it)


This looks great! Can’t wait - but is there a bug with Chief packs? Didn’t it always used to be 2 available per day? I’m stuck on one a day now.


Hope they dropped the amount of fish and time needed to train dragons after level 100, I mean as it stands its hard enough to most of the dragons I have to level 136let alone 150


The game is crashing a lot after the update.


Has no one noticed that they have reduced the collecting rates? This morning my Dustbrawler, level 150, collected 1775 iron. Now it collects 1730 for the same time and cost. Other dragons I spot checked were similar. How is that fair?


Since I updated earlier today, my game crashes! Right when I move over to the crimson gorecutter & that island on the map, it kicks me out. Really annoying since I filled that island with all new dragons I got the past few days. I have spent alot of time & $ enjoying this game, so I really hope it’s fixed fast! I have tried everything to fix it & sent 2 emails to support & only received automated responses back. Anyone else having a problem??


I’m guessing it has something to do with the new max level.

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That is certainly my assumption. The new max level gets us nothing of interest except a longer, slower slog to the top and to make that even less fun they’re taking away several months of progress. sigh I really wish game developers didn’t believe that “tedious” and “slogging” were synonyms for “challenging”. If this doesn’t turn out to be a calculations bug, and I’m not holding my breath, I think it ends the game for me.


…apparently by making all card packs give useless collection items. That’s very “sideways” progress.

A number of decorations are glitching. Toothless’ Favorite Fish in particular renders some distance from its nominal location. Yak Nog Bar has some really odd z-fighting issues. So does Runestead, though not as bad as the Bar.

…And, of course, the game still has the nasty rune-stealing trap.


Hi, sorry but with this new update I can’t enter the game… It kicks me out in a matter of 3 sec. I didn’t have this problem before. Can you please help? Tnx :slight_smile:


Why would you reduce to HALF the battle stats of most dragons in Defend Berk?! Not just the ones mentioned were “rebalanced” but ALL OF THEM! Now I’m stuck with a fleet that three times stronger and too well positioned for my dragons to do anything other that tickle the attackers.

Thank you, Ludia, for breaking Defend Berk.


I have updated the game but it isn’t running…
I have tried hundred times.


I had a similar problem but it was with many apps on my phone and I had to reinstall all of them and clear all the datas to get my phone back to normal. And now I am waiting for support to get my account back. You can try clear the data, not sure if it would work in your case but it worked in my case.


More like ONE THIRD! Furnace at level 150 was 15,989 but now 5,011.


Soooo defend Berk is messed up - not sure how, or why, you managed to make Toothless the weakest dragon on Berk, but congrats, you did it. Forget that it doesn’t make any sense why devs would “rebalance” dragons when people have already leveled up those dragons because of their use and power. You’ve essentially frauded us. Oh and the Itchy Armpit and everything west with it, thinks it is autumn, trees colored, and leaves falling, while the rest of Berk is crawling out of winter into spring. oh brother. :woman_facepalming:t2:


That’s always been the case; it’s supposed to be like that.