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[Release Notes] Rise of Berk - 1.57

A NEW update is coming to Berk! Spring into action with a NEW Legendary Dragon, NEW Dragons, Decorations and more! :sparkles:

Keep reading for all the details!

  • NEW Legendary Dragon - Elder Sentinel

    • This Dragon has the ability to REVIVE the last defeated Dragon in a Gauntlet Match.
      • Boost will cost 70 Runes
    • Unlocks:
      • New Island
      • New Sentinel Collection
      • New Single Level Fish Hut
      • Ability to collect Raw Amber and Unique Collectibles
    • Requirements: Great Forge level 6, 10,000 Vikings, complete 5 Quests and the Elder Sentinel Collection
  • NEW Dragon Flock

  • Ongoing Limited Seasonal Event - Beltane Bonfires

    • Ends June 25, 2021
    • Visit the Berk Market to exchange the Beltane Butterflies seasonal currency for Dragons, and Seasonal Decorations

Note: Keep an eye on the event timer in the Berk Market’s Seasonal tab to know exactly when one Season ends and begins.

  • NEW Loyalty Event - Flower Hunt, find and collect all the Flowers

  • NEW Seasonal Decorations (2)

  • Collectibles Packs

    • Changes introduced to the Collectibles obtained via Card Packs in the April Update 1.55 will now be reverted. Collectibles will be back to the way they were before.
    • As a result, this could possibly cause Collectibles Card Packs to freeze when opening. Please contact our Support Staff,, if this happens to you.
  • Other Features and Improvements

    • Google Sign-in NOW AVAILABLE for Android players. Sign in with Google to save your progress online!
    • Exploration Menu Revamp
      • Explorations will now be accessible on the bottom menu
  • Enhanced Game Mode/Level Unlock Screen

    • Visual improvements to provide more clarity and information as players unlock new game modes
  • Improved Legendary Dragon Experiences

    • Bonuses offered from Legendary Dragons are now more clearly visible in the Unlock popup
    • All Existing Legendary Dragons will now have custom sound effects

May Gauntlets (3)

  • Survival Gauntlet
  • Incident: Fetch for the Edge
  • Crisis: Hunter Ambush

June Gauntlets (8)

  • Drill: Pal Poll
  • Class Gauntlet (Cunning vs. Swift)
  • Incident: Draftee Development
  • Survival Gauntlet
  • Incident: Dragon’s Edge Restock
  • Class Gauntlet (Protector Vs Cunning)
  • Crisis: Soaring Surprise
  • Drill: Berk Census

NEW Classic and Gold Pack

NEW set of Dragons in Rare and Premium Card Packs

  • Berk
    • Resolved various Timer inconsistencies that resulted in negative time or 30-day time jump
    • Fixed visual and text inconsistencies relating to one of the latest Valentine’s Decoration and several Snoggletog Decorations
    • Fixed Baby Hookfire’s animation
    • Repaired text issue in recently added Quests
    • Resolved audio-visual issues when tapping buildings on Berk
  • Brawl/Gauntlet
    • Fixed issues occurring in the Brawl Tutorial
    • Resolved Gauntlet Event issue causing event to restart after closing
    • Dragon Riders will now receive Dragon Rider exclusive Mystery Packs from the Gauntlet Wheel instead of Regular Mystery Packs.
  • Defend Berk
    • Fixed balancing issue for several Dragons in Defend Berk affected by the April update
  • Collection
    • Resolved duplicate of Epic Diamond “Owl Brooch” collectible. One of the doubles now has a Metal background and is considered an Uncommon Collectible.
  • General
    • Improved game stabilization
    • Fixed visual and text inconsistencies
    • Fixed text and visuals in Korean, Russian and German

Note: Please contact our support staff at if you still encounter some of the issues above. Make sure to include your game support key.

KNOWN ISSUES (bugs that our team is working on)

  • Crashing issue with Premium Dragon Munchauser

  • Issue with Munchauser and Seedling Stormpest being unable to be used as Titans in Defend Berk




Are the quests for the Legendary actually required or can I turn in the collection without quests?

Otherwise update looks great I’m so excited!!


Except for the new Legendary, I can’t wait. :grin:


My guess is it’ll be like the original group of dragons where each quest rewards a neccessary item (unless you buy the Legendary with Runes right away).


But you can skip those quests too. I made a whole YT video about it.


Some great fixes and updates and now we have an even number of legendaries again!


I just noticed. Is it “Seedling Strormpest” or should it be “Seedling Stormpest”? Either of them work fine.


Thank you for fixing this! Also I can’t wait for the new legendary :heart_eyes:. The flock looks amazing btw, especially Seedling Strormpest! The new monstrous nightmare premium Munchauser looks epic as well plus it’s a new premium species. That leaves us with 30 more dragon species that needs premiums. The ones lacking premiums are listed below:

  1. Hobblegrunt
  2. Snaptrapper
  3. Shockjaw
  4. Hackatoo
  5. Raincutter
  6. Sliquifier
  7. Hotburple
  8. Scuttleclaw
  9. Sandbuster
  10. Sand Wraith
  11. Seashocker
  12. Sweet Death
  13. Windwalker
  14. Tide Glider
  15. Shivertooth
  16. Silkspanner
  17. Groncicle
  18. Grapple Grounder
  19. Sword Stealer
  20. Windstriker
  21. Slithersong
  22. Thunderclaw
  23. Speed Stinger
  24. Egg Biter
  25. Snifflehunch
  26. Shovelhelm
  27. Windgnasher
  28. Gobsucker
  29. Prickleboggle
  30. Dramillion

Overall, this update is greatly appreciated and welcomed by me. Awesome job Ludia! :+1:


Thank you very much for listening to the players and reverting the card pack changes.


Thank you so much for restoring the collectibles! I am HYPED for this update.
That new Monstrous Nightmare!!!


When is the Update for Android?


thanks i love this update.


is this update out yet?


what is your YT channel name?


This is me!


I subscribed to your channel!


Liking the collectibles reversion. Hope they can eventually fix the crash issue without wrecking collections.
Looking forward to the re-rebalancing of defend Berk. Although I got used to the greater challenge it created.
Thanks to the developers for all the hard work. Bugs happen. C’est la vie.


i love this update a lot! probably the best update by far of this game ( at least for me though)