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[Release Notes] Rise of Berk - 1.59.6

The leaves have started to fall on Berk and a NEW season comes with a NEW update! :fallen_leaf: This update focuses mainly on NEW content, like Dragons, Costumes and Decorations.

  • NEW Seasonal Decorations (4)

  • NEW Dragon Costume

  • NEW Species

    • Rare Flame Whipper
    • Explore with Toothless or Light Fury at Level 162 to find Rare Flame Whipper!
  • NEW Dragon Flock

  • Decorations and Statues can now be found in Card Packs!
    • Place the Decoration on Berk with no construction time as soon as it’s received from a Card Pack
    • If there’s no room on Berk, the Decoration or Statue will be sent to the Treasure Hoard.
  • The Fall Statue is back! Find it in the Berk Market today.

Love the new species! Has it appeared in other HTTYD media before?

Ah I see now. It’s from School of Dragons.

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I’m not sure I like the Packs giving Decorations though. There’s still no option to destroy them, so we might just end up with duplicates everywhere (or the Treasure Hoard being full).


Thank you SO MUCH for the Flame Whipper! I, and a lot of other players, have been asking for it for years, so thank you for listening to us.

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I can’t seem to find the new costume. Any help?


So I am just wondering how you are supposed to get ahold of the costume for toothless.