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[Release Notes] Rise of Berk - 1.61

The Dreadfall celebrations may have ended but this update is bringing many exciting brand NEW FEATURES! This update will also introduce NEW Costumes, NEW Decorations and many bug fixes!

Keep reading for all the details!

  • Seasonal Hub

    • NEW Seasonal Hub that regroups Gobber’s Duties, Seasonal Market and an all-new Dragon Pass to earn more Rewards!
    • A new Seasonal Event will be generated every month and will last between 28 to 30 days.
      • New Seasons are announced with a "New Season has begun” popup
      • Another popup will appear towards the end of the Season to inform you that the current season is ending soon.
    • Season Cool Downs may occur between seasons.
      • During that time, the Seasonal Market, the Season Pass, the Weekly Duties and the Event Duties tabs are locked.
      • Only Daily Duties can be completed.
        • No Reward Points or Seasonal Currencies are given at that time.
  • Daily Duties

    • Daily and Weekly Gobber’s Duties will appear next to a new tab called “Event Duties”.

      • The Rider Duties tab will not exist anymore. Riders Duties will now be part of the Daily and Weekly tabs.
      • There are 10 Daily Duties. Each completed Duty will reward with 15 points.
      • There are 10 Weekly Duties. Each completed Duty will reward with 50 points.
      • There will be 8 Event Duties. Each completed Duty will reward with 250 points. Event Duties last the entire season.
      • You will have the option to refresh 1 Daily Duty a day, 1 Weekly Duty a week, and 1 Event Duty a month.
  • By Completing Duties you will receive Reward Points, Resources, or Runes.

    • Reward Points are used to progress through the Dragon Pass.

*Note: Your current Gobber’s Duties progress will reset when updating. We recommend claiming your rewards before updating.

Reward Points

  • You will now accumulate Reward Points to reach different levels in the Dragon Pass.

  • Once enough points are collected, you will receive a notification to claim your reward.

    • All unclaimed rewards are sent to the Mailbox at the end of the season.
  • When you complete the Dragon Pass Levels before the end of the time limit you will unlock Bonus Levels which will reward you with Seasonal Currency.

  • Get access to additional Reward Levels by unlocking the Alpha Pass.

  • With a Premium Fast Pass, you will be able to receive points and unlock rewards instantly.

  • Seasonal Market

    • Seasonal Currency earned in the Dragon Pass can be spent in the Seasonal Market.

    • NEW: Unused Seasonal Currency will now automatically traded for Raw Amber at the end of the Season.

  • Destroy Seasonal Decorations

    • You can now destroy Seasonal Decorations and receive Raw Amber
    • The amount received will be between 100 to 1,000 Raw Amber depending on the value of the decoration.
  • NEW Seasonal Decorations (3)

    Note: The first two New Decorations above, Sheep Launcher and Mellow Mudpit, will available as Rewards in the Dragon Pass.

NEW Costumes

  • Thanksgiving Meatlug
    Effect: 100% increase in Time Gathering, 567% increase in Fish Gathering, 200% increase in Defend Berk Health

  • Harvest Stormfly
    Effect: Journey Time decreased by 20%, 2x multiplier for Wood and Fish

NEW Building Upgrades

  • Great Forge Level 7

  • Water Tower Iron

    • Available when Great Forge is at Level 7
    • Cost: 7,500 Iron
    • Capacity: 250 Vikings
  • Iron Storage Level 14

    • Available at 10,500 Vikings
    • Cost: 40,000 Iron
    • Capacity: 50,000
  • Fish Storage 4

    • Available at 10,250 Vikings
    • Cost: 35,000 Iron
    • Capacity: 175,000,000,000
  • Wood Storage 4

    • Available at 10,250 Vikings
    • Cost: 35,000 Iron
    • Capacity: 175,000,000,000

  • Bonus Duties
    • Access to 2 additional Daily Duties.
    • Access to 2 additional Weekly Duties.
    • Access to 1 additional Event Duty.

  • Berk:
    • Fixed visual bug with Flame Whipper in Hangar and when gathering fish.
    • Fixed localized language issues in Halloween Decorations from Update 1.60
  • Exploration:
    • Fixed cut-off text for Personalized Explorations.
  • Journey:
    • Fixed issue of Journeys potentially resetting after updating the game to a newer version or when redownloading assets.
  • Brawl/Gauntlet:
    • Resolved flow problems when closing Token Market in Gauntlet which was redirecting to Brawl Menu.
  • Defend Berk:
    • Fixed Tick Tock Toothless crashing in Defend Berk.
  • Collection:
    • Fixed crash on iOS when trading Legendary Collections.
  • Market:
    • Fall Seasonal Statue is back in the Berk Market.
    • Fixed bug showing Unique Dragons in Card Pack Odds popup even to players who already owned the Unique Dragon.
    • Fixed bug showing Unique Legendary Collectibles in Journeys.
    • Fixed crash occurring when accessing the Currency Info popup from Berk Market sub-menu.
  • General:
    • Improved readability of the font throughout the game
    • Fixed visual text inconsistencies in the Dragon names in Book of Dragon and Seasonal Decoration names in Market.
    • Resolved occasional crashes occurring when collecting resources in the mailbox.
    • Fixed icon order in the Notification List.

Note: Please contact our support staff at if you still encounter some of the issues above. Make sure to include your game support key.


Didn’t like this alpha pass. So now we will also have to pay for a pass to get the full rewards or it is included in the dragon rider signature?


Some of those features look great and all, but what about simply adding more dragons for brawls?


Please make the pass purchasable with runes even if it like 5k or 7k this will make the game more f2p friendly and will make some people that can’t afford to buy stuff more comfortable


It’ll be an additional purchase. Only the Free Pass will be available for everyone.


That is bad indeed :disappointed:


Increse the dragon roosts limit in Berk, 200 dragon roosts do not fill all the islands u make.


some people also need lot of runes to .what will they do


so many people need runes a lot


Just wanted to ask, the new seasonal decorations are obtainable only through alfa pass, or will later appear also in seasonal market?


yeah, if they could make a daily reward each month with a runes pack.
They would be more satisfying and im included in them.


So when do we get the new update


It’s already available. Keep checking the app store.


can someone share the breakdown of the following:

FREE reward at 150 points, 300 points, 450 points, 600 points, 750 points, 900 points, 1050 points and 1300 points?

trying to see if achieving a full week of daily and weekly gobber duties is more lucrative pre or post update.


Ok will do that and with automatic updates on it should then update itself


careful with the auto update. you’ll lose whatever progress you have on the weekly gobber pack.


It’s great that there’s an update and more storage upgrades.


Where are the tasks related to it? Some story and discussions from the riders about it?

I would have liked some dialogue, especially from Dagur or even new characters (to RoB) like Mala.


Ok will be careful and one other thing are you able to tell me the difference between the two monthly subscriptions $14.49 and $16.49


can’t help you there. i don’t pay to play monthly, only grab some offers when they are actually good value which is probably why i don’t get any responses from the support team. still waiting over 2 months for the last support ticket sent in lol.