[Release Notes] Rise of Berk - 1.63

Love is in the air on Berk! :cupid: This update will feature a loving NEW flock of Dragons, NEW festive decorations, and many bug fixes!

Keep reading for more details!

  • NEW Dragon Flock

  • Berk:
    • Fixed Bellworthy and Scrullcrusher being upside down on their roost.
    • Fixed hatching and baby animations for Flutterfang.
    • Fixed issues with Premium Wise Wind roost.
    • Fixed Legendary Minions, Defender, and Exotic being mislabeled in the Book of Dragons.
    • Fixed Menu icons and Dragon Gathering that was being shown as disabled/grayed out on Berk.
    • Fixed Teenage Night Lights labelled as Stoker instead of Strike in the Book of Dragons.
  • Exploration:
    • Fixed inconsistencies in the Resource Reward amounts shown in the Exploration Screen and Bag Reward Screen.
  • Season Pass:
    • Fixed Unique Costumes not disappearing from the Seasonal Market after being purchased.
    • Fixed Duties issue that would get stuck at 8 out of 9 tasks completed.
    • Optimized the start of a new season. App relaunch is no longer necessary to start the new season.
    • Fixed “Defend Berk with Light Fury” Duty that could be completed without using Light Fury.
    • Fixed rare bug causing progress in Season Pass Points and Currency to reset.
    • Fixed inconsistencies in various Duties descriptions, such as objectives missing or objectives not being clear.
    • Improved redirection for certain Duties when tapping the “Do It” button.
  • Brawl/Gauntlet:
    • Fixed crash when using Pouncer’s Blinding Fire ability in Arena level 2 and 6.
    • Fixed missing sound effects for Night Light’s special animations.
    • Fixed Action Rush and Sage Fruit Rune purchase issues when a player was not logged in to the App Store/Google Play Store/Amazon Store.
    • Fixed visual glitch where Damage/Heal/Boost text stats remained on-screen during Winning or Losing final sequence of a Battle.
    • Improved Brawl and Gauntlet stability.
  • Market:
    • Fixed Polished Amber not appearing in Card Pack Odds popup.
  • General:
    • Fixed in-game Support Key missing in the iOS Setting Menu when connected through Apple Sign-In.
    • Fixed crashing issue when using Home Button during downloads.
    • Fixed app crashing at launch when device storage was full.
    • Fixed various text errors in different languages.
    • Fixed Sound Effects issues throughout the game.

Note: Please contact our support staff at Dragons@ludia.com if you still encounter some of the issues above. Make sure to include your game support key.


All looks like good stuff. Interesting to have a Brawl dragon this month instead of a Defender one. Changing it up. I like it.


Great update! Thanks a bunch for the bug fixes, most of them are very appreciated! Just a small nitpick: Shouldn’t Toothless’ description be “Dragon Hunters would have won long ago” instead of “Dragon Hunters would won long ago”?


Now that grimson slash is in the brawl can it also be found in the brawl packs? Being a dragon of the same category as that dragon who has a personal ability that allows him to heal with each attack, will he also heal?
Edit:I didn’t mean the brawl packs but the daily ones.


Quand allez vous corriger les déconnexions dès qu’on utilise ‘accélération’?
De plus, penser à arrêter de frustrer les joueurs qui dépensent du vrai argent avec vos missions impossibles et/ou qui dûrent des mois ??
Dômage le graffisme est bien fait mais… surtout pas jouer ! Finalement jeu de patience et a fric !
Un joueur pertuellement frustrer avec vos demandes de ressources impossibles à assouvir avant des mois et qui manque de patience !
J’espère être lu par le plus de fans de la bd possible !
Bon entendeur…

Mod Edit:

Translated from French

When are you going to fix disconnections when using ‘acceleration’?
Also, thinking about stopping frustrating players who spend real money with your impossible and/or months-long missions??
Too bad the graffiti is well done but… above all not to play! Finally game of patience and money!
A player perpetually frustrated with your requests for resources impossible to satisfy for months and who lacks patience!
I hope to be read by as many comic book fans as possible!
Good hearer…

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.


This game is really good


I love this game and I can’t wait until these things come out but I really wish that the light fury was free because I can’t buy it.


In my opinion if the clear fury is by subscription and if there is a subscription it is because there are people who use hacks. If those who have the financial means use the hacks the game does not earn and therefore the only way to buy into the game was to put a subscription so that you can have all the runes you want but you don’t have light fury. It’s just my opinion but looking at the fact that every update the latest dragons added before being purchasable with runes are priceless I might be right. Also in my opinion you should be able to choose a name for the village so that if we saw videos sponsoring hacks on YouTube we could report it to the assistance with the name of the village making it easier to ban.

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When does 1.63 come out for Kindle? I am excited about all the changes.

Oh, thanks for doing such a great job on the game. I don’t stay with any one game for more than a year. I have been playing for four plus years and haven’t lost interest. I also appreciate the quick response on the few times I have had issues.