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Release notes teased by Ludia (before release)

I did a fresh launch and had a big “new features” picture so I tapped it because it said to read the release notes and then I got the page doesn’t exist message. So I went back in and it is under news and tried again and got the same message. I guess the notes are coming tomorrow.


Plot twist: that means “No new features.”


Same for me !


i think someone jumped the gun there.


Usual ludia mess-up lol


meh, Egg or Chicken?

One of them has to come first.

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BIG CHICKEN came first!

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I’d say the egg. though unlikely, all it takes is a mass genetic mutation in multiple individuals to go from chicken-like to chicken.
life finds a way.

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Well, I meant what comes first, notes or announcement of notes.

but great responses!

As a moderator I would say that a hidden release notes post on the forum would come first and then an announcement in the game with a link to the now no longer hidden post on the forum.

Looks like someone added the in game link too soon while the forum post is still hidden.

in other words “soon”

Well, the cat’s out of the bag now. Might as well just release them now! grabby hands

Probably about 10 more hours

That would be 10pm-ish for me… I like it

10am for me eastern time. That’s normally when the strike towers reset for the day. So I assuming it will be with that. I could be wrong but it’s got to be close.

Typical cluck-up


Yes I have the same problem…