[Release Notes] The Savage Update! [Home-made]

Well now we’re in a different dimension. WELCOME to the MULTIVERSE!!!


I thought I read It was changed to impact.

Why change an already balanced move?

Bcuz both Allosaurus and Tarbosaurus have devour?

What would be the best is just removing the cleanse

stop buffing thor oml

Damn that’s not a buff :hot_face:

Try again


  • Fierce Rampage change to Fierce Devouring Rampage

No need to.

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Then that’s just returning Thor to its regular state, just with stun resistance.

And thor shouldn’'t be that strong since it’s an early and easily made dino that is meant to be dumped later on for better stuff

2 delay impact

No, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard. Put a cooldown of 2 for that move.

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10 char

it’s good but i’m out of ideas for a custom update title