[Release Notes] Titan Uprising | Update (1.1.13)

Vikings, the global release of Dragons: Titan Uprising is just around the corner! We want to take the time to thank all our current players who provided feedback and suggestions to help us improve the game.

Read below to learn more about the latest changes.

For troubleshooting assistance, please visit our Help & Support forum.

If you encounter any other issues and need immediate assistance, please reach out to our support staff at support+titan@ludia.com.


  • New Duties to complete and reroll option
  • Performance optimization for faster loading
  • Removed the ability to release a high-rarity Dragon to level up a low-rarity Dragon

Developer’s Comment: This protects players from mistakenly releasing high-rarity Dragons.


  • Dragon Progression: the starting power of all Dragons is now much closer, which allows us to provide a smoother game experience
  • Exploration: the exploration progression has been updated to provide more exciting and challenging battles

Note: You may experience a regression in your level progress due to the new balancing.


  • Faster interaction and better responsiveness with the board and Dragon abilities
  • Control basic settings inside of Battle (e.g. Music & SFX and Battery Saver)
  • Reduced the Bomb Special tile from a square (9-tiles) to a cross shape (5-tiles)

Developer’s Comment: We believe the Bomb Special was too powerful.

  • Removed square matches (2x2)

Developer’s Comment: We removed this combination because it did not have any special effects.


  • Improved the visuals of the Alpha Dragons
  • Improved the VFX of the Alpha Dragons’ special abilities
  • More emphasis on the move counter when battling Alphas
  • Changed the Foreverwing’s special ability

Developer’s Comment: This is a mechanical change to the Foreverwing’s special ability. The initial ability was too similar to the Bewilderbeast’s special ability. Now thorns will spawn at random tiles and if you do not destroy them, they will grow.


  • Dragons can be bred at Tier-1 instead of Tier-2
  • Rare Dragons can be bred immediately


  • Reduced the free Basic Dragon Draft timer to 6-hours!


  • Improved Berk’s overall UI
  • The Treasury and Fishery now indicate empty, partially full and full states
  • Redesigned notification system to be more informative
  • Dragons now have animations when they use their special abilities
  • Better contrast between the board and tiles
  • Clearer indication when auto-play is activated


  • Available on global release, more info to come!


  • Fixed the bug that showed Toothless could be bred in the Breedery

I have already placed my review on the Apple Store about the new update, but as I believe it will take over a week to appear, I’m also placing it here.

I’ve had this game for about 3 months and in the previous update I was already struggling to make progress and found the game grindy, but I was just starting to make progress again. I speak as someone who already found the player weaker than average (at least by Mysterious Marshland), but by grinding I was able to catch up to the enemies significant power jump between levels.

While the graphics, speed and breeding changes are welcome updates, everything else is not.

I find the dragons too highly nerfed. I have one 5 star and one 4 star and most of the three star dragons which I have finally leveled up enough to catch up to the Mysterious Marshland enemies. They were still weak compared, but I could make due. With the new update all dragon have been nerfed down to pathetic levels and once again I’m back down to almost 1000 level points below the enemy (which took me a month of grinding before to catch up). In my opinion the dragons themselves were never overpowered because the enemies themselves were just as strong and the battles lasted long enough to the point where winning wasn’t a given.

Next I also find the changes to the tile battle overly nerfed. I never found the square bomb tile overpowered, and often barely did enough damage to be considered super strong. I also can’t stand the removal of being able to match 4-tile squares for an attack, or the lost ability for several same coloured tiles close together to attack together. Overall I find the battles far harder to get enough attacks to defeat enemies.

A lesser problem but still a problem nonetheless is the decreased amount of eggs one can acquire from egg missions and the change in difficulty of those missions. For the difficulty it’s not worth wasting time for 5 eggs especially when the cost of hatching has not changed.

These issues are my main focus as even though I found times to be tedious grinding, I was still making progress and enjoying myself. Now with all the changes I feel like it’s going to be impossible to continue making progress at all. I don’t want to have to do another month and more of grinding eggs and money to level up my dragons AGAIN.

Unless things change, I will not continue playing the game nor would I recommend this.


Concur with the earlier comment. This latest changes really impacts on playability. Leveling has always been a time consuming activity (time to breed dragons, low chance to raise skill level, significant xp to progress in stars rating) and now with the power nerf of dragons, levels are getting significantly more difficult. Time to drop the game unfortunately, for something that could have been great.

Tx for the fun so far.


I totally agree with both of the above comments. You had a great game, (even though it would freeze during battles); it was still a great game. With this update, you nerfed our dragons. My team lost more tan 1000 points. Now, I’m going to have to work more then twice as hard as before; in order to earn those points back.
New quests are a great idea: if they worked. My current quest for Hiccup is broken. His quest is to complete 5 quests. More then 75 points later (all spent doing quests), and not a single quest point earned. As long as his quest is broken it’s going to take forever, to earn enough keys to unlock the gold chests.


Personally I believe hiccups new quest of “complete 5 quests” is not good, as it basically removes a quest section, making it a lot harder to gain keys

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I can no longer progress due to this patch, my roster has been nerfed to 2272 power and the enemy is 3530 at my current progress. I’m even losing 3170 power quests whereas I was able to complete 3400 quests prior to the patch.

The breeding changes are much welcome, thank you. No refund on the gold outlay for breeding rare dragons though?

+1 for the quest quest being bugged. It does not progress. Also where’s the reroll option?

My other dislike is the explore energy capping out at ~40ish (or lower for newer players) X 10mins. Players are unable to make the most of energy unless they only sleep 6hrs, which could set bad habits. Suggest doubling/increasing the cap but reducing the gain speed? Similar to the line of how free drafts work better now.


I largely agree with LarienFox in that there are a few negatives and a few positives in this update. I do like that breeding is now available from 1* dragons and the faster animations. I also like that the cost of hatching particular class dragons has changed.

However, the nerfing of dragons was a significant over-correction. I feel that even with the reduction of enemy power (in some cases), the difficulty has increased too much. What may have been somewhat of a challenge before the update, is now nigh on impossible for all practical purposes, even with a slightly higher power level to the enemy. As has been said, the time/eggs ratio is currently a bit over-the-top. While I understand having a decent grind is necessary, it is currently looking to be overwhelming.

Another major issue I have is the huge jump in building upgrade requirements. Given the current state of the time/energy/exp/level ratio, it is now incredibly difficult to make any upgrades at higher levels. Take my current predicament for example. I’m currently level 18 and before the update, I had met the level requirement to upgrade the Breedery to level 3, with a 25% reduction in breeding time. I was waiting to accumulate enough gold to upgrade, but was unable to do so before the update. Now I need to wait until Level 23 for a 10% reduction. Have similar changes been made for other buildings?

Another, somewhat less major, negative that I have found is the change to the cost of increasing roster space, which has now doubled. It is already sufficiently difficult to get runes for free, and this increased cost is again, a bit too much. Perhaps a light progression in cost may be worthwhile, but please don’t overdo it.


Agree with the comments posted here. Level 22 here, dragons that were individually in the mid 700 and borderline 695-705 area, all rolled back, some are at level 450 or something assinine like that. Of the 33 dragons I had none where in the 400 range unless I was using them to level up. Hard work leveling up those dragons to have it wiped out just like that.

Despite the positives to the game that were added like energy when you complete a duty. The loss of progress and abrupt rollback on all dragons outweighs the positives.

Played today with my top dragons and was wiped out in seconds, 3 strikes each time. No chance to even get to round 2/4. Where I could play for at least an hour sometimes more dependant on where my duties were, today 10 minutes and honestly that wasn’t worth my time.

Disappointed in this update. Been playing this game since November and thought it was great.


Hello Vikings,

Our team is working hard to provide the best gaming experience for all our players before the global release and you guys are a big part of it! Thank you for taking the time to write in detailed and constructive feedback to our Devs. We read them all!

During the beta-phase, our team monitors closely player progressions, dragon stats, and the overall balancing of the game. We understand the recent changes are stirring up some conversation and our ultimate goal is to make the game enjoyable for everyone for a long time. We have many design and balance changes planned for future updates. We will continue to revise our balancing in order to make the game better and your feedback will get us there!

We also want to address two issues you might be encountering since the update:

  • Reroll option for Duties: it is currently unavailable for players who already had their Duties unlocked prior to the new update

  • Duties: not registering the progression properly

Rest assured, our team is already looking into fixing them.

Thank you all for your continuous support!


Level 22 here with 39 dragons. Agree with all posters above. All my 4 star, 3 star which have taken weeks to increase their levels, rolled back to the same level of my one and two stars. Played twice today. Used my best team with first rounds at Burning Barrens level as I have played before but even though my team was almost 500 hundred points over the opposition I couldn’t complete the first round having all my dragons wiped out before the first round was finished. Wasted all my energy trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Dropped a level next time to Frozen Tundra and even though my team was almost 800 points over opposition I was wiped out before end of second round. Have worked hard since November to raise up my team so I could make the quests now all that work for nothing. Tried ‘Repeatable Quests’ hoping play would be better but wiped out twice with my team at almost 1000 points higher. Only win that would have generated 4-8 eggs gave me 4 with one dragon still left fighting and almost lost that one as well. This was a great game though it did freeze during battles but at least there was a chance of success. I’m not a 24/7 player, today being the exception out of frustration, so picking up more dragons every 6 hours is not of interest to me. Cost and play to acquire runes is already hefty but now roster space has doubled in cost. Would have rather had ‘flat’ graphics and everything else left alone. Game will now sit in limbo for a while hopefully with a new reasonable update to fix this mess. Shame as it was a 5/5 now I would not recommend it to anyone.


I agree with everyone here. I see no reason to even mess with the ‘balancing’, it was good before. We had to grind to progress. I can’t win anything now. I have a 2/3 dragon who is now stronger than my 2/5. Makes no sense. I’m lucky if I can grind 10 eggs now. No chance of progressing through the story and now I can’t upgrade anything until lvl 37. Not sure how long that’ll take but I’m lvl 26 so I’m assuming about 3 months if not more. If the balancing doesn’t get changed back soon I won’t be continuing to play. Which is a shame because it was a lot of fun


As I stated above : Hiccup is officially broken. Almost 200 points spent on quests; and not a single quest point earned. But, at least I can breed dragons now.
I tried story mode a few times; but, I got my butt handed to me: in more ways than one. Story mode is definitely going to have to wait until I can level up my dragons enough, so that I can hold my own at least long enough to win.
I still agree with the opinions of those above: but, I have to admit that I am really enjoying the added dimensions and graphics of the battle scenes.
Hopefully, you can resolve these issues with all due speed

Has anyone even been able to collect Hiccups quest?? I have no “go” button and have had no movement on the numbers.

Been working for for me

Never mind. Just started a new one and it’s not working

I 100% agree with all the comments here. I think it’s unfair that all of us who had early access and have been working so hard had our powers lowered anywhere from 200-1000 points, and that it’s now impossible to beat a single round, with out using up all the energy, as others have said on here.

I had was doing quite well in the game until your last update, and I had been enjoying the game very much. However with this last update, I can not say I’d recommend it to someone, and I can’t say it still deserves a 5/5 star rating in the app stores.

The “balancing” thing wasn’t a very smart move in the way that it was done, because it is Not balanced. The opposing dragon’s team power was not lowered like some of ours was and it’s now much harder to collect fish, coins, and breed/hatch eggs.

Very unimpressed with your update. Hopefully the “balancing” Issue will be fixed before the global release, as other issues other’s are reporting.

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Hiccup quest not working for me. Used over 100 energy before deciding to quit and wait for a hoped for repair to this mess.

With the latest maintenance, you should be able to re-roll the duty (there should be a little circular arrow on the top right corner of the duty). That should give you working Hiccup’s Duties.

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I just finished playing a match, where I encountered a few major issues, that I thought should be brought to light.
The left half of my game board completely froze. Also, there were four squares that were empty and wouldn’t refresh. On top of that; there were a couple of squares that contained two different coloured scales, at the same time. By the time the battle was over (luckily, I won: somehow), I had either eight ot nine empty squares. For some reason the squares wouldn’t refresh.
I’m hoping that this is a one time occurrence, and will not happen again.

Thank you for the detailed description!

Can you let us know if you had auto-play turned on when you encountered all these visual glitches?