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[Release Notes] Titan Uprising | Update (1.10)

As Berk is slowly being covered in snow, Vikings are preparing to celebrate their favorite annual holiday - Snoggletog! :snowflake::christmas_tree:

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  • New Winter theme on Berk
  • New Trust Events
    • Snoggletog Toothless (December 2019)
    • New Year Stormfly (January 2020)
  • 3 Chapters - each chapter has greater Trust Points rewards than the last
  • Earn additional Trust Points from your Duties Chest, Alpha Chest and Thawfest Emporium
  • Earn additional Trust Points from select featured Drafts
  • The Duty to crossbreed a pair of Dragons can now be completed after 1 attempt rather than 2


  • Snoggletog gifts from Dec 13 - 25


  • Fixed the softlocks in Alpha Battles for Bewilderbeast and Foreverwing
  • Fixed the game board issue in Alpha Battles for Screaming Death
  • Fixed the 3-Star Training Pack issue - rewards can be received
  • Fixed several issues in Exploration preventing players from completing their battles
  • Fixed the issue in the Dragon Roster where ready to train Dragons are not visually indicated
  • Fixed the visual issue causing the Toothless animation to stretch
  • Android system notifications appears correctly
  • Additional bug fixes

Found a new bug or issue that wasn’t on this list? Please report it in our Bug Reports section.


What about rooster space? When we can expect the increase in rooster space?


Why have you not decided on the possibility of rewarding the Snoggletogg Toothless as the December 25th gift as the finale of the Gift of the Night Fury event?


What about the arena bug??? The one where it says there was a discrepancy. I’ve lost so much arena energy to that bug…


Hello Marcus,
Nice update. I really like these cosplayed dragons, DF Toothless is my favourite now.

(If you plan to add new dragons to the game, I would like to see the Fireworm & Deathsong queens in the future :slight_smile: )

Thank you.


How about the bug of Screaming Death’s boom ?


I agree. Just recently lost two wins due to discrepancy. One of the battles kept looping and I couldn’t get out. One battle showed that I defeated the team but it came up as a loss.
Not very impressed with the arena.


Looking forward to new scenery :heart:


Hope you’ll fixed the the deafening dawnbrawler ability too!


And whar about the arena bugs? Bord freezing, discrepancy with server and right now flagging me as afk while aktive in a battle.
I lost multiple winstreaks, dozens of energy over 150 trophies and once 450 runes for saving my progress just to get a bug forced loss again.
This has become nigh unplayable.


. The only dragons that fly around berk are the ones with the highest power, why not have all of our acquired adult dragons fly around berk.

. When do we get the upgraded berk with all the colourful tall nests. Like loads.

. When do we get to socialize more with our dragons other than just rubbing them.

. Oh and when do our dragons get their saddles and i mean like the accurate saddles from the movie. Dragons saddle in ruse of berk and SoD are like a completely different dimension.

. Can our dragons get like a personality animation and other characteristics. Oh remember the dragon poo. It would be also cool if we clear up dragon poo and get xp for it. Idk.

. I feel that it would be inappropriate to give the dragons a physical hormonal (in the act) mating animation but a mating dance should be ok. Toothless did it in the hidden world.

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I’m afraid you forgot to switch on the winter theme, it’s still autumn…

Got that right.

The Snoggletog theme will be switched on at the same time of the event later this week.


I want more space too

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Don’t forget about SCAULDRONS. :wink::wink::wink:

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You guys should creat new ways to spend the gold…


I get that those who join up for Flight Club get more roster slots as a boon. But for those who haven’t the $$$ to spend each month, but love the game; there needs a way to acquire slots. How about if we are given the option of buying them with gold coins?

You can buy some with runes up to a certain number

The increase to the roster is permanent. So, just subscribe for 1 month then cancel.

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