[Release Notes] Titan Uprising | Update (1.11.17)

The sun is nearing its apex and the snow is slowly melting. Come discover what has been uncovered on Berk in the new minor update coming soon!

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  • Easter Theme
    • Let’s celebrate, Berk has never been as colorful! :rainbow:
  • New Seasonal Dragons
  • Easter Barf & Belch
    • New ability: Easter Barf & Belch use their Sulfurous Cloud to deal damage to all enemies and gain Invisibility for multiple turns.
  • Mother’s Day Cloudjumper
    • New ability: Mother’s Day Cloudjumper takes a fraction of the damage the weakest Dragon receives, while helping the rest of the team by boosting Spirit generation and removing negative effects!
  • Earn Trust Points in special Quests, Thawfest Emporium, Alpha Chests and Duties Chest!


  • Increased inactivity time in Thawfest Arena battles from 2 minutes to 5 minutes
    • Developer’s Comments: This will allow players who get interrupted during Arena battles, by phone calls for example, to have a chance to get back in game and win their match.
  • Fixed Arena being unavailable to certain players
  • Snoggletog Toothless’ ability no longer locks the ability of the targeted Dragon in Thawfest Arena
  • Fixed defense reduction abilities not working on a dragon affected by Valentines Light Fury ability

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@Rose,i have a suggestion that i would be grateful if it is to be shared with your team: removing the trust points of maeve’s buffalord from the alpha chest,put runes instead of it and sell the trust points of this dragon in the thawfest emporium.


@Rose i, I have a suggestion that would greatly improve accessibility to the game. Can we have a tab for Inventory? A location suggestion could be in the group of dragons, or something like that. It’s frustrating not knowing how many 3☆ scales I have because I don’t have a dragon that currently requires them, and other similar issues.
Inventory could have: Scale counts, currency(fish/coins/runes) energy levels for quests and arena etc all in one spot. Please consider this! I’m sure others would agree.


Please consider polishing Toothless’ animations, and sound effects please! Thanks!


@Rose our most important and must-have area is very narrow. Roster space. and the dragons that we collect trust points take up a lot of space. It is imperative to take them in a separate section.


@Rose, we desperately need rooster space


Trust point dragons do NOT take rooster space.


I guess you don’t understand these are the ones I mentioned :slight_smile:

they take up space and should be taken to another department


These do not take your rooster space. If you do not believe me, count all your dragons and empty rooster spaces. These uncompleted TP dragons do not take space.


it takes up a lot of space and I’m sure there are many who think like me :slight_smile:

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Yes, and every time people and admins respond to them saying that they do not take space.


Here, i’ll do the math for you: I have 5 dragons in 1 row, I have 30 rows occupied by regular dragons and sheep. 5x30=150. If i add 2 rows more of tp dragons my roster space would have been 160 but it is not, the rooster space is 150. Thus, it follows that tp dragons do NOT take your rooster space.


no need for math :slight_smile: it would be more correct to take another field. This is my idea. It will already be obliged very soon :slight_smile: because the number of tp dragons is increasing.


Well, you keep saying that they take space, which is incorrect. We need more rooster space regardless of whether ludia moves tp dragons to a new tab or not.


I think sheep should also move to an invantory tab since they aren’t dragons and are just used for xp and take up needed roster space


Ludia una pregunta por qué tan pequeña la actualización y no tan grande la actual es de 1.11.13 y la que usted estas poniendo es 1.11.17 muy irónico tené que ser más grande Ludia gracias y bendiciones

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Translated from Spanish

Ludia a question why so small the update and not so big the current one is 1.11.13 and the one you are putting is 1.11.17 very ironic I have to be bigger Ludia thanks and blessings

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation going forward.


What about fixing board freezing in alpha and arena. I just got this bug.


Now, players got fully trusted points of some dragons. There are many useless trusted points with nothing to do. Can those useless trusted points be exchanged to other dragons trusted points ?


Could you add a way to lock dragons? I know if they are in one of you teams, a prompt appears before you get rid of them (Which is nice), but I’m at the point where I have far more than 25 good dragons that I don’t want to get rid of, and I am very afraid of accidentally feeding them to another dragon. Just something to lock them so they are safe would be awesome, and I don’t think it would be that hard to add.