[Release Notes] Titan Uprising | Update (1.11)

Vikings! A new minor update will be available next week with no maintenance break required. Read on to learn more about the upcoming changes.

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  • New Valentine theme on Berk :cupid:
  • New Trust Events
    • Valentine Light Fury (February 6-18, 2020)

    • St. Paddy’s Toothless (March 2020)

  • 3 Chapters - each chapter has greater Trust Points rewards than the last with side quests
  • Multiple versions of the same Trust Dragon can now be used on your team (e.g., Toothless, Dreadfall Toothless, Snoggletog Toothless).


  • Claim your Anniversary :gift: (January 31, 2020)
  • Participate in the Anniversary event (February 21-22, 2020)



  • Fixed several minor bugs causing crashes on iOS devices
  • Fixed multiple notifications sent to Android devices
  • Fixed Toothless’ petting animation
  • Fixed Snoggletog Toothless’ ability in auto-play
  • Fixed several softlock issues experienced in Alpha Battles
  • Fixed the issue where players would receive multiple Terror-Mails from our Support Team

Found a new bug or issue that wasn’t on this list? Please report it in our Bug Reports section.


I have a question; is using multiple versions of a Trust dragon going to be permanent, or just for the duration of this event? Because it being permanent may make it way too cancer in Arena, and we already have lots of that in there.


Yay! I can’t wait!

But about yesterday’s arena change… I know that the quantity of trophies which are obtained by winning and losing battles was a voluntary change, but seems it is not working properly
Just look at this, I was going to revenge someone and it didn’t seem like it was a good idea to fight this player!


Also, I’ll start a few complaints by stating my notifications were not fixed with the update. One the contrary, they were aggravated and as bad as the first days after previous updates. I get multiple times the same notifications even to the point my screen is flooded. At the same time, the notifications themselves are not up to date with my game status; breedery boost expiring while I’ve put a pairing in, full energy when I’ve used it or am in the process of using it, drafts when there’s no draft etc. It’s very annoying and still not fixed.

And same thing with in-game notifications, like for new quests or offers. I press on them and they don’t disappear unless I restart.

In-box in still being spammed by incoming “tickets” to support.

Clan chat still shows notifications that aren’t there (no energy, or text) and it’s worse this week.


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The update hasn’t happened yet which is why the notification thing hasn’t been fixed yet…


Ah. I confused it with the soft update they released yesterday… My bad there. I guess I’ll update my previous post after this update does happen. Thanks

I like that it does not require maintenance break :slight_smile:


Please, please, please add slots! I have no room to hatch & level up my dragons.

I’d gladly pay in runes to get those same slots that the flight-club got free!

Or just add slots that we can purchase

Thanks for the great game!


But why haven’t you added more room for the Roster. I mean right now there is 161 dragons in the game. And you can only have 130 (150 if in the flight club) I mean, shouldn’t you add more just to fit all the dragon in the game already?


Are you doing away with the “your breeding boost expires soon” notification that randomly pops up during the day?


I don’t think that having multiple versions of the same dragon in a team is a good idea! It’s not right! The story isn’t like that, the original story has only one Toothless!!!
There can be only one!!!
You shan’t corrupt the original story!!!


As cool as I think it would be to have an entire team of toothless, I also feel as though that would be. Very broken…

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A gift? How nice! (Probably more trust points which I need anyway)

@AlphaNightFury That looks like that battle would NOT go well.

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@Marcus Are you able to confirm if it’s the maximum of 2 for the same dragon or can it be more?

@marcus,Will the wrong requirements for training new year stormfly be fixed in this update? Nothing was mentioned about it.

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No maximum, you can have more.


Someone asked on discord if we can have the same dragon twice (for example Regular Toothless + Regular Toothless etc).

That won’t be possible.

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Nice! I was scared that i’d have to get 5 maxed out Toothlesses.