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[Release Notes] Titan Uprising | Update (1.12)

Vikings! It’s time to open the gates and welcome more Dragons to your Roster! You will now have more space to collect your favorite Dragons.

Enjoy playing through the NEW Quest system, as well as Repeatable Quests in Exploration. Read on to learn more about the features in this new update!

For troubleshooting assistance, please visit our Help & Support forum.


  • NEW Quest System

    • New Quests are now divided into different tiers of increasing difficulty
    • All tiers will unlock as you beat them - they will remain unlocked for you to play through again the following week!
    • Complete Special Challenges by meeting the outlined conditions to get extra rewards at the end of your battle!
      • These Special Challenges are offered on the last battle of each tier
  • Repeatable Quests

    • Repeatable Quests in Exploration can now be completed using Autocomplete Quest for easier Dragon Egg hunting!

  • Early Access

    • Get Early Access to gain extra time to play selected events
    • Early Access also comes with instant rewards!
  • End-of-Season Rewards

    • Starting at Season 17, all players who place Wood II and above in the Thawfest Games will receive End-of-Season rewards
    • Climb up the rankings by the end of each Season to maximize your rewards!
  • NEW Roster Space

    • There are now a total of 30 extra slots being added to the Roster!
      • 10 slots for all players
      • 10 slots purchasable with Runes
      • 10 slots for Flight Club members
  • Rewardable links

    • Starting in May we’ll be giving FREE in-game rewards through our rewardable links - Follow our social pages so you don’t miss out!
  • Auto-Match will now activate Dragon abilities by default and can be saved within each game mode

  • You now have the option to link your game with Apple Sign-In.

    • Access your Settings Menu, and click the ‘‘Sign in with Apple’’ option
    • Read our FAQs about Apple Sign-In here


  • Father’s Day Skullcrusher
    • Skullcrusher is just as ruthless as his former master Stoick. When his ability is activated, whenever the weakest Dragon in his team gets attacked, ALL foes get damage as retaliation!
    • This act of brute force also removes all beneficial effects from the enemies and motivates his allies to do more damage!
  • Freedom Hookfang
    • Freedom Hookfang’s ability is like fireworks! He shoots projectiles to random enemies 10 times.
    • This display of light boosts his allies’ Spirit and Power against Purple enemies!


  • Fixed issue with claiming and receiving Terror-Mail rewards affecting certain players
  • Fixed board gems in Shellfire battles
  • Fixed issue where St. Patrick’s Day Toothless’s ability prematurely showing as ready to use
  • Fixed issue where Dragon cards display XP during the reward sequence
  • Minor corrections to overlap in some battle configurations
  • Fixed eye colour for Quarry Razorwhip and Plated Razorwhip
  • Fixed issue of Alpha power level showing incorrectly

Found a new bug or issue that wasn’t on this list? Please report it in our Bug Reports section.


Can’t wait, so excited :exploding_head:


Good work :slight_smile:

Can you give more information on early acess? I supose it’s for FightClub members, right?

And about the new dragons, how will they be obtained?

Also, does this mean we have to use 9 energy for 10 scales? Or 9 energy for 30 scales?



Willing guess that the new dragon will be trust events just like all the seasonal trust dragons before

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Yep, they are seasonal trust dragons

Edit: hopefully they are gonna bring back the old system.


Ooh. Now can I see the implementation of a Trust Points battle, where, in order to play the game for a TP, you have to play a teb level battle to unlock the first copy of the dragon, and you have to use it to grind the rest of the copies as normal, but upon completion of the first fight, you cannot play it again.


Any hint on when this update will be released?


How do you get early access? Is this for Flight Club members only?


Is there something new about 2nd alpha TP dragon?


Are you going to fix the story mode so those of us who made the mistake of finishing it can actually use auto complete on repeatable quests.


Hey thank you Ludia also we want to clan warssss


Clan wars definitely.
Also, ludia, instead of having only five dragons which are the strongest fly around berk(the main page) how about having all our acquired dragons fly around berk just to make it look more active.
And when in battle, when a dragon is defeated instead of the defeated dragon looking like its getting completely incinerated, falls and disappears, how about when defeated, it just falls down, or just flys off.
Also how about a optional mode were you can see your own dragons as well as the enemies when battling.


Is the mother’s day Cloudjumper is coming or ?


Did you really nerf Easter Barf and Belch? Have I missed any notifications about this? What i’ve seen the damage is reduced to 264%?


@Ned @Rose, Recently i’ve been wondering about Strong Hit. I knew that it wasn’t really classified as a buff (it can’t be removed with purge nor stolen), which till recently wasn’t really a problem cuz its effect takes place before you can purge it anyway. But now we got Easter B&B and it gives Strong Hit to all allied dragons for 3 turns. So i’d like to know if its intended for it to not be purgeable? or if its a bug that it doesn’t get removed.


I already have the extra roster space available.
Is that intended? :slight_smile:


I’m so glad fixing the eye color was important or deemed more important than fixing other major impacting issues such as alpha attacks freezing, loss of alpha attacks, or loss of turns during alpha attacks. Way to go Ludia


I’m sorry, how do you nerf Easter Barf and Belch and not say anything about it in the patch notes? Like is this incompetency in releasing full patch notes or did you all think you can get away with it? I’m just curious because I spent thousands of runes on what I thought was gonna be a good dragon to have only to get him nerfed silently a couple weeks after I got him. How is that even fair to us as customers?
Not to mention that you all still have to fix more important issues such as alpha battles STILL freezing after an entire year of this problem and you still haven’t fixed it, how is this even possible?
Like are


Exactly my point. B&B got nerfed like 60% but we havent seen any info about it.


I knew E B&B was too good to be true. It’s a 17.5% (-56/320) dmg reduction, which is not Cryptic Collector nerf bad, but still takes a lot of the awe away, especially where it’s DoT.