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[Release Notes] Titan Uprising | Update (1.13)

Vikings! A NEW Update is on the way and with it come NEW Draft features, Dragons and more!

Read on to learn more about the features!

For troubleshooting assistance, please visit our Help & Support forum.


  • Elite Dragons
    • Elite Dragons have a power level of 5-stars and they will help you dominate the skies of Berk!
    • Elite Dragons have a 4th effect in their abilities, making them as versatile as they are powerful.
      • Elite Dragons can be obtained in Events and in Premium Draft.
  • Draft Meter
    • Get rewarded for participating in Drafts with the Draft Meter! Reach the milestones of the specific Draft Chest before the timer elapses and send the rewards to your chest. Note that there are multiple types of Draft Chests with different milestones!
    • Open the chest when you’re ready to claim all the rewards you’ve earned. You will also have the opportunity to double rewards.
  • Draft Box
    • The Draft Box is a special limited-time Draft with a finite number of rewards. If you win an item from the box, it is removed from the selection of rewards. You will then have more chances to win the remaining rewards

    • Click the information button at the top left to see what prizes the Draft Box contains

      • If one of the items has a Free tag image (13) you may instantly get a shot at a new prize
      • You can refresh the content of the Draft box if you have already won the prizes you wanted

  • Battle Loot
    • Loot is now earned during your Battles as Dragon waves are cleared
      • Run the chance of winning rare high-value loot in the process
    • Battle Loot is available in Exploration and Quests
  • Dragon Roles
    • Every Dragon now has a Dragon Role

      • Bruiser Causes more damage to the enemy
      • Backup Support allies in battle
      • Healer Replenish allies’ health
      • Saboteur Disrupts the opponents’ plays
    • Every Dragon is specialized towards attacking one or multiple targets

    • Dragons will also have specialty descriptions for you to learn more about their strengths in battle, Example:


* The Antiquarian Accumulator - Welcome the first Elite Dragon into the game! This Dragon blocks enemy healing and boosts damage against them for a select number of turns. The health and damage of his allies are boosted as well. Stay tuned to gain a FREE copy of this dragon during the Launch event

* Sunsail Windshear - It’s summer time! Sunsail Windshear absorbs the power of the sun and the health of her opponents to boost her allies’ damage and give them bonus health. Sunsail Windshear will appear in-game in August

  • Shattermaster - A new Dragon joins the Trust Events! If you don’t unlock him during the first Trust Event, don’t worry! You will have another shot at him very soon

    • Flying Shatter Scatter is Shattermaster’s brand new ability. He stuns enemies with his might, preventing them from doing normal or special attacks. This clears the way for Shattermaster’s allies to attack with more damage and Spirit!


  • Fixed abilities for all Dragons that shoot multiple projectiles in a row to random enemies. They will now always target undefeated Dragons.
  • Corrected the description of the abilities of the following Dragons:
    • Underwood Voltknapper
    • Knavish Voltknapper
    • Defender Windgnasher
    • Galegrinder
    • The Radiant Skyglow
  • Correction to Arena End of Season rewards for players at Crystal 3 Tier
  • Correction to board freezes with Crimson Death battles. When the bomb reaches the top row it will now destroy the bomb rather than make a match.

Known Issues

  • Working on several issues with Shellfire
    • Partial fix to the Shellfire damage issue
    • Still working on the issue occurring with multiple combinations on the board - matching can be stopped for the affected gems
  • Working on an issue with tablet rotation causing visually issue
    • Some visuals may not display correctly for certain devices, including iPad Pro 1st Gen
  • If there is a sheep in your Roster, sorting by role will cause the roster to blank and be unresponsive. We are working on a fix, in the meantime, relaunching your game will correct this.
  • When receiving rewards, tapping below the card does not progress the sequence. Tapping on the reward card or around it will play the sequence.

Found a new bug or issue that wasn’t on this list? Please report it in our Bug Reports section.


Do you know when Father’s Day Skullcrusher’s description/ability will be fixed?


New species please :pray:


Does this mean that the repeatable quests are playable again not automatically any longer?

Since that particular update - which I am still not amused about - I am not doing more repeatable quests than necessary since I consider them a waste of energy.


Autocomplete quests aren’t the only quests in the game. So they are prolly refering to the regualar quests such as the 4-hour ones (fish, coins and runes), the daily scale quests and trust events.

Personally, I really like the autocomplete quest and try to make use of it as much as possible (whenever the duties allow me to), cuz they give me quite a lot of resources (i’ve completed the story and it gives me 17-21 eggs, 3750 coins and 6250 fish each time)


I am still in the middle or so in the story and stuck with a few Tuffnuts killing me regularly.

I used the repeatables to finish a lot of Astrids duties before this update and for most of them they do not count any longer = waste of energy.

I do have a hobby I get paid for which occupies me 8 hrs a day 5 days a week so many changing quests pass me without having them completed, plus I often have the “problem” to have a well filled stock of fish and gold - unless I decide to train and feed without any of fishlegs duties.


Sounds great, when will it be available? Summer is almost over, winter is coming :snowflake::eyes:


Well relax the end of the summer is in September.

I kinda expect it to come early-mid August

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Why a new dragon categorie with more abilities? This will ruin all existing balancing!

Why not dragon gear to make all the existing dragons better or a way to push existing dragons to higher stars and getting a new ability?

Example: Dragon-Gear
Gear could be added in 3 categories

  • Gear for 1-3star dragons
  • Gear for 4-5star dragons
  • Gear for 5star trustpoint dragons

Gear abilitys
Every gear could have a set of abilitys, for example:

  • Higher Armor / Attack / Health
  • Higher skill ability
  • New Skill ability / effect
  • New max star-level (add 1-x stars to level a 3star dragon to 5stars)
  • (…)

A second idea about
An other idea would be, to give all existing dragons an elite version:

  • Every dragon that is maxed can get an elite level after the max stars and level.
  • Train a maxed dragon with a 4star sheep / a dupe / a specific other dragon / … and a get new skill version

ELITE Skills

  • 1-3 Star dragons: higher skilleffect in%
  • 4-5 Star dragons: higher skilleffect in targets (one -> ricochet, ricochet -> all, …)
  • Trustpoint dragons: new additional skilleffect


*The draft deals were OK at game beginning but now we have ao many dragons, that they need to to be changed IMO

  • The “colour” drafts shouldnt have only a higher chance of a specific colour, it should have ONLY this colour in it.
  • There should also be a crossbreed draft that contains 1-5 stars of only crossbreed

Hatchingcosts are to high and we need more options:

  • 3star shouldnt costs only 15-20 eggs imo. It isnt worth 50 for sure. Add fish costs
  • There shouldnt be a random 3-4star dragon, it should be a 4star for sure. The cost should be 20-30eggs.
  • Add Crossbreed as category you can gain from draft. 40-50eggs for 10 TP should be OK

There should be a way to get Trustpoints from breedery.

  • Buildung update: Perhaps you need to update the building first but after that you should get an option to get trustpoint for example by using a TP dragon as one parent (and with lower chance like crossbreed) 10-50 TP per try (depending on random chance)

Valentins Lightfury
Often when you activate the skill, no spirit effect will appear. This happen realy often in Alpha fights. Perhaps it is because one of the skilleffects didnt effect the alpha?


I am running iOS 14 beta and I noticed that on startup, the game reads my clipboard. Is there any explanation for this behaviour? Why would a game need to know what I have in my clipboard? This is a serious privacy breach, please fix this.

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I like the sound of this… :smiley:

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“The Antiquarian Accumulator - Welcome the first Elite Dragon into the game! This Dragon blocks enemy healing and boosts damage against them for a select number of turns. The health and damage of his allies are boosted as well. Stay tuned to gain a FREE copy of this dragon during the Launch event” If it’s a Pay To Access event,I’d delete this game for sure,as that would be selfish and incredibly unfair.


@Ben_Perks They never said the event would require you to pay to access it.

And I think the launch event is prolly gonna be similar to those when a new species gets released (so you do 10 to 20 stages and the last stage grants you the free copy of the Accumulator)



Why is there now such a lag when tapping through the animations when hatching eggs or viewing rewards from a battle?


Hopefully it’s a ten stage brawl)

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Also TGML and Freedom Hookfang still target defeated dragons


Absolutely insane amount of crashing on my end. I am playing on an iPhone.

Crashing in arena, crashing in regular quests, crashing in alpha battle, crashing tapping on dragons in the roster, crashing upon trying to level up… very frustrating. I hope that gets smoothed out ASAP.


I guess now it requires you to tap on the image itself :frowning: