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[Release Notes] Titan Uprising | Update (1.14)

Vikings! The shadows are growing longer on Berk as we move into the dark half of the year. Trees are losing their leaves, the air has a chill, and Fallfest is coming to Berk!

For troubleshooting assistance, please visit our Help & Support forum.


  • NEW Fall Theme on Berk!


  • Fallfest Toothless
    • It’s autumn, and Toothless has been pining for a trip north and it’s time to see the Night Fury we know and love in a different light! Fallfest Toothless steals Beneficial Effects from Target Foes and gives his allies increased counterattacks and decreased damage! Keep watch for his special event starting later this week!


  • Correction to affected gems in Shellfire battles
  • Correction to the speed of collecting rewards
  • Correction to an incorrect gift tag appearing during reward sequences
  • Correction to the scrolling in a list of available breeding partners for a Dragon


  • Some iOS devices will not display the background of Pop-Up animations correctly (appears as black hearts rather than pink)
  • Some users using Galaxy A series devices are receiving errors when starting a Clan Alpha Battle
  • Some users are seeing a drop in the Alpha Dragon Level in Clan Alpha Battles

Note: If you would like to report a new issue that hasn’t been addressed on this list, please report it in our Bug Reports forum.


The Release Notes in Google Play state “Introducing a NEW Crossbreed to add to your roster!” What is that all about?


The Deathburple, I believe


There is no Shellfire bug fix - during today’s alpha battle, all bugs that have been here for more than half a year have occurred:

In addition, many players in my clan have trouble starting an alpha battle - the game shows them this error:


We’ve been informed that many players are having issues getting into Alpha Battles. Our team is currently looking into it and we will communicate on this post when the issue is resolved! We apologize for the inconvenience and thank everyone who reached out to us about it!


I often loose the connection to Google play. My screen becomes dark an I can’t do anything,just shutting down the game. Restarting the game mostly doesn’t help, restarting my device does. But that can’t be the solution :expressionless:


I had 600k dmg at one moment (3 energy) and in second scoreboard shows 450k (like I played only 2 energy (and I am 0/3)


Disconnecting bugs out yes, and you’ll got to reload to connect back or log in another account. I use that button and I can say it’s been glitchy for a long time.


Ludia, I have found time and again that you always make some update that manages to need more space available in my local disk to load, stuff gets broken in-game instead of fixed. We majorly faced issues coming to Alpha battle, the same bug that affects Shellfire has been somehow on Foreverwings too and there are these pesky board reshuffles before running out moves, the partial freeze to the Alpha battles’ boards that locks 2-3 tiles from use that may be essential to clearing Alpha attacks - and this happens with any Alpha.

Alphas aside, drafts now don’t show the graphics correctly - dragon wings are like 2 lines. And levelling up a dragon is also messed up; game is still counting cards when the result pop-up appears, with the cards frozen midway; dragon doesn’t jump up and down and roar.

And game collapes of course


I wondered about that, but was’nt sure I saw it right. But I’m not the only one. Yeah! Thanks :grin:

And why get the violet death no damage from green dragons? I took skullcrusher with me, but green gems give no damage to this alpha. I don’t know if other Alphas have the same problem (with other colors)


Violet death is red, red is dominant over green… Try taking into account the colors.

It’s not a bug that weak colors strike less damage over a dominant color.

What you ask is how to build an Alpha team here, and I’ll be happy to help you just… privately so we don’t derail this thread. Okay? @Amelia


A thing to add at the list of issues: the ad-for-bonus at the Great Hall is gone…

Had it only for some hours after the update.


Most important issue is we can’t do Alpha battles like we normally did pre-update. We keep getting errors when getting to battle, some have lost bolts… :frowning:

Do something about the Alphas asap Ludia!


Error codes everywhere # 321, 326, 327, and my favorite -1. And then there are the battles that are lost against the alpha when the codes come up at the end of a round. Why suddenly does the game want me to choose a format to play from (Facebook, Google, etc.)? Restarting isn’t helping. Even Restarting the phone completely twice. You locked up. Please help.


The instability of the game is shocking right now, Alpha battle issues, disconnects, resets and the disappeared video feature.

Why don’t you roll back the Alpha related changes to make the game at least stable until you find out how to fix it?

More comms on the issues would be appreciated!!


Sorry, but why there is such big mismatch between patch note on forum and patch note on Google Play? What do you mean by saying “hauntigly new Dragon”, “new Crossbreed” and “various Dragon balancing fixes”? The last one is the most interesting for me


It makes no sense if we’ll get another Dreadfall dragon instead of the Toothy… Not everyone was able to get 3/3 at once. And this comes once a year.

Also, 2 yearly TP events on 1 week? Not feasible. Sounds like they’re expanding the ridiculous grind they introduced in the calendar involving regular TP events - and rejected even the better tweak to that, returned to the previous form that I’ve said sucks.

Now they’re thinking of doing this with 2 ranking run events simultaneously… 400 TP, 200 on 1 event and 200 on the other. With devastating cost on the energy and runes that only FC players who also buy packs of runes can manage. Way to go.

Way to go making the game unplayable.

Instead of fixing the bugs so we can enjoy the features we already have, instead of taking in feedback, they’re investing in releasing too much stuff. And hastly made-up updates that make us unable to keep doing Alpha battles and unable to play at all.

They released new yearly TP dragon for Fallfest which was fine, had it come with a soft update that wouldn’t screw the game so badly. But they tweak the Alpha system and brought a complete disorderly all over, have been giving copy-pasted responses and then silent etc. Alphas need to be re-written at this point. Taken off and re-written.

We’re sick of the bugs, making us lose Alphas 'cause we can’t play.


(Unless the “new dragon” refers to Fallfest. I assumed this is another one, and suspect they’re releasing 2x the yearly Trust Events for Dreadfall. Heard something about a purple Deathgripper coming so…)


Alpha-chest disappeared into nowhere.

Not to talk about the lost keys.


Time is running out and there is no sign of a solution at all.

Alpha battles cannot be played, Thawfest arena is affected very similarly by these mistakes.

Rollback this update ASAP please

Among other things, this situation affects the possibility of obtaining additional Fallfest Toothless trust points from the obtained alpha and viking chests.
If it is not possible to defeat alpha dragons and fulfill the relevant duties in the arena, it is very difficult to get the appropriate chests and thus the time-limited Fallfest Toothless trust points.