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[Release Notes] Titan Uprising | Update (1.2.6)


Update 1.2.6 introduces the much anticipated Light Fury to the game!

Read below to learn more about the latest changes.

For troubleshooting assistance, please visit our Help & Support forum.


  • Added a much clearer timer to indicate when the next Free Draft is available
  • Added a tooltip to most resources, simply tap and hold to view the information
  • Loading optimizations
  • Bug fixes


  • NEW Light Fury Event
    • Available for a limited time from Feb. 22 - Mar. 3
    • Special Events will reoccur in the future
  • Introduction of Trust Points
    • Players must gain the full trust of Event Dragons in order to use them in battle
    • You keep the Trust Points acquired during the event after it ends
  • The Quests access has been moved from the boat to a more obvious place on Berk
  • The Repeatable Quests has been moved to inside the Exploration map
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can you post pics?


Can you confirm update timing? I think It will be just before event but want to get details.


The update should happen either today or tomorrow.


It’s today. Thanks.


can i get runes for my lvl 19 account i need max for more premium drafts

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I guess no one is helping me get more runes


Can’t wait for the event, but have a question. When will you add more content? Like those “in Development” things (arena, clan etc.) The game is beautiful and well done, but it’s becoming a little boring, when all we do is repeating the same scenario over and over again.
With regards.


All the features you’ve mentioned are still in development. Our team is working hard on it!

We’ll share more info when we can, thanks!


When the update is finishing? The games is In maintenance for more then 2 hours


I can’t get on the game yet


So we can no longer choose which repeatable quests to do? I like selecting easier ones for autoplaying


Exactly what I was thinking… Weren’t more repeatable quests available?..


Hey everyone, if you’re having trouble getting into the game, you might have to go into your app store and manually update the game to the latest version. If you’re on an Android device, go into the Google Play store and select “My apps & games.” For Apple devices, go into the store and tap on the Updates tab, from there swipe down and hold till you see a loading sign, then see if the update appears on the list. Let me know if that helps.


Doing repetable quest on map doesn’t count to Hiccups duty. Only this quests is counted:


How do you get the light fury? Edit. I’m blind thought the event started on 19th not 22nd


Anybody else have a problem with completing a stage and wait for the reward only to get an endless loading screen? Having to exit out reload game and pass the stage but get shafted on the rewards?


How do I choose the harder repeatable quests? Before the update I had 4 different choices unlocked now the power between my team and the rival dragons are no challenge. Wondering if it makes a difference anymore?.. before the update I would usually get more eggs battling the stronger dragons is this still the case if so how do I choose the harder quests?


What happened to the repeatable quests? I want to be able to choose what quest I want to do, not just the one that’s on the map I’m currently on…