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[Release Notes] Titan Uprising | Update (1.21)

A new update is coming soon! This update will include new features and enhancements as well as some minor bug fixes.


  • Trust Event Enachment

    • New popup will ask to confirm a Trust Event Refresh
      titans update
  • Revenge Rules

  • New Speed Up Opportunity

    • Option to speed up Breedery and Hatchery Timers by viewing a video
  • New Second Free Draft Opportunity

    • Option to get a second free draft by watching a video after the first free draft
  • Spirit Abilities are now limited to one use per turn to avoid infinite Spirit Ability being triggered for better balancing


  • Fixed issues with Sheep rewards in battles
  • Draft Box Pulls now counts for “Spend Token” Missions
  • Fixed issue on iOS where In-Game Music played over ad videos

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