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[Release Notes] Titan Uprising | Update (1.4.17)

Oy, oy, oy! Clans are finally here! Start your own or join existing Clans with your friends to battle Alpha Dragons and earn special rewards!

Read below to learn more about the latest changes.

For troubleshooting assistance, please visit our Help & Support forum.


  • Create your own or join existing ones (up to 25 Clan members)
    • Requirement: Level 6
  • Chat with your Clanmates
  • Battle and defeat Alpha Dragons to earn keys to unlock Alpha chests
    • Earn guaranteed keys every time you battle an Alpha (win or lose)
    • Earn bonus keys when defeating the Alpha with your Clan
    • Battle costs 1 energy and refills every 4 hours

Developer’s Comment: Based on your ranking, and only when your Clan defeats the Alpha, you earn bonus keys for completing the event. The ranking is determined by the total amount of damage dealt to the Alpha Dragon.

  • Chest progression is individual and can only be opened when you collect enough keys. So make sure you participate and deal as much damage as possible to defeat the Alpha Dragons!
  • Chest levels are determined by the difficulty average of your last five Alpha Battles in which you participated in (win or lose)

Developer’s Comment: If your last five Alpha Battles were 5, 5, 5, 6 and 7 Stars. You will progress to a level 6 chest. The average will always be rounded up to the superior number.

  • Alpha Chests can contain the following:
    • Resources (Fish or Coins)
    • Runes
    • Random Scales (1 or 2 Stars)
    • Draft Tokens (Basic or Premium)
    • Dragons


  • Additional Unique Dragons will be added to the events
  • All Trust Events will reoccur!


  • NEW special Quests with conditions and restrictions:
    • Quests for Unique Dragons whose trust you’ve gained
    • Quests allowing you to borrow Unique Dragons whose trust you haven’t yet gained (such as the Light Fury)
    • Species and Rarity specific quests allowing you to earn leveling resources for those Dragons


  • The Common hatching spot will now only give 1-Star Dragons
  • The Color hatching spots will now only give 2-Star Dragons
  • The Rare and Rare Color spots will remain the same


  • Removed 1-Star Dragons from the Draft pool


  • Fixed the issue where players could lose their Dragon roster and prevent them from progressing in the game
  • Fixed the issue where persistent FPS drops occurred on certain Android devices
  • Fixed the issue where duplicates of a Dragon were not counted towards the tier 3 training requirements
  • Fixed the issue where quitting a Quest Battle right after the timer runs out would break the UI
  • Fixed the issue where the wrong reward was given if players completed the Quest Battle after the timer ran out
  • Fixed the issue where you wouldn’t always see the XP bar increase when selecting a Dragon during the level up process
  • Fixed the issue where the number of new Quests was not listed correctly on the Quest button
  • Fixed the issue where you could train a Dragon multiple times without needing to level them up

Removed 1* dragons from the draft pool.




Did you fix the issue where a dragon’s ability would get stuck during battle?


But they made all level 1 hatches 1* so many more 1* dragons and less 2* overall


No fix to dragons trying to heal dead dragons?

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Loading since update takes forever


Clan “First Dragon” invites strong players to your clan.

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I got a notification of a quest completion, well after the fact and well after I had obtained the key


Is there anyway to change the privacy settings on clans? I made a private clan, but I would like to allow more people to join as they wish.


Clan ninjas inviting players

Casual Freya Days wants you! US based for time zone convenience, but all are welcome. Relaxed atmosphere, not looking for hardcore experience, just fun. No drama chat, attack alphas when you can, don’t be a jerk.


Hello, I am loving the new update, and have created a clan named ‘Lomax Clan’. I was just wondering whether people are able to join without a direct invite from myself.
Other than that, the new update looks great, but loading times have definitely increased since. I understand this is all part of the optimisation process though!

Good question, I would propose an option in-game which would allow us to change this.
I would expand this question further - If a clan is private, is it still visible to others and the application must be approved?

One more idea - It would be a great if at least a clan leader could moderate the chat (e.g. delete join/leave messages). How long is chat history kept?

You didn’t say that you can get Stormfly etc by breeding

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Join my clan house stark

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Hello! Join the clan “Caldera to Hidden World”! Currently accepting any and all casual play members so long as you’re an all around decent person on the internet!

Join my clan HairyHooligans

Did anyone elses dragons go back to attack level 1 out of 10 with the update? All mine are at 1 now.


Isn’t 1st 3 turn was free to change your name now it asking for runes

my too!!! fixeeed plizzz