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[Release Notes] Titan Uprising | Update (1.5.11)

After a long-awaited development time, the Book of Dragons is finally ready! You can now keep track of all your Dragons and earn rewards for acquiring them. New friends have made their way on Berk as well - ewe won’t believe who they are!

The new update is COMING SOON! Read below to learn more about the latest changes.

For troubleshooting assistance, please visit our Help & Support forum.


  • Earn Toothless Trust Points in exploration
    • Based on the completed chapters, a retroactive gift is given to the players
  • Added 10 extra roster slots for all players
  • Added a confirmation button to spend Runes
    • Applies for transactions of 20 or more Runes
    • Option in your settings to enable or disable the feature

  • Train your Dragons directly from the “Edit Team” screen and Breedery
  • Improved loading times and battle framerate
  • Improved and optimized Battle VFX
  • New upcoming Quests and Trust Events (stay tuned!)


  • Keep track of all your acquired Dragons
  • More information to assist you in finding the best Dragons to pair in the Breedery
  • Earn rewards for every Dragon you acquire
    • Rewards improve as you collect more Dragons in a Flock



  • Donate sheep for a greater XP boost when leveling up your Dragons
  • Obtainable through Quest events



  • Become a member and receive:

    • Skullcrusher (5-Star) - exclusive to Flight Club members
    • Daily FREE Runes (up to 2,000 per month)
    • 20 extra roster slots
    • Access to the Flight Club Duty Chests that contains exclusive rewards
    • Exclusive Club promotions
  • What do I keep if I unsubscribe?

    • Skullcrusher
    • The extra roster slots
  • How can I gain Skullcrusher Trust Points?

    • Through the Flight Club Duty Chests


  • Increased battle participation reward from 5 to 10 Alpha Keys
  • Alpha abilities changes:
    • The Bewilderbeast’s Ice Wall breaks in one hit
    • Proper amount of damage done both against your team and when used against the Alpha


  • 2-Star and 3-Star hatching spots now require less Eggs, but more Coins


  • Breedery UI has been streamlined to quickly select Dragons, retry the last pairing, and understand the possible offspring


  • Rebalanced certain Exploration levels that were deemed too difficult


  • Fixed the issue where Alphas could end up with negative Hit Points
  • Fixed the issue where some Dragons would not gain fighting spirit during battle
  • Fixed several issues that caused infinite loading screens at the end of Alpha battles
  • Fixed an issue with disconnections during Dragon level up where resources would be lost
  • Fixed multiple issues that were causing the puzzle board to break during gameplay
  • Fixed an issue that led to potentially paying twice to continue a battle
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from chatting with their Clanmates
  • Fixed several issues that caused infinite loading screens at the end of Alpha battles

So longawaited!


Gearing up for an update, woohoo!
Fixes and nerf to Bewilderbeast too. Step aside Bewilderbeast, make way for the real alpha Toothless!


How much is the Flight Club?


about time. glad that all of you guys heard our voices about the confirmation button, alpha bugs… excited to try the new update. thanks


I’m wondering this same thing… about the cost of fight club…


@PnkIndiKa I just hope it isn’t too expensive :sweat_smile:

Anyways, I’m glad that this new update will be fixing a lot of bugs!! I’m more excited about the Book of Dragons and the Sheep! :star_struck:


Thanks for the notes and update… I’m sure this reflects a ton of hard work — but can you elaborate? This is ambiguously worded and I’m not sure what it refers to???


@PnkIndiKa @Kiri I’m guessing it will be the same as other Ludia games, so ~USD9-10


One more thing to add(or remove in the case), please. Remove the 2* dragons from 4x4 dragons breeding. It’s unfair receive one 2* after 10 hours waiting…


@Ian_Ribeiro I agree!! Take that darned 2 stars out when I breed 2 4 stars!


I’m kinda wondering how you will get sheep, and I also wonder if there will be rewards for toothless and the light fury (and other event dragons) in the book of dragons

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That’ll be pretty interesting, gaining rewards for earning Event Dragons

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I do hope with the Book of Dragons, we don’t have to acquire the dragons we already have again, in order them to update in the Book :sweat_smile:
But I’m really happy about the bug fixes and looking forward for the update :blush:


A lot of promising fixes and updates coming. Thank you! The loading bugs, dragons not gaining spirit, accidentally spending runes, dragons not increasing in ability when trained, losing resources, and more have all happened to me more times than I’d like to count. Looking forward to the book, sheep, having more roster space, earning more alpha keys, and much more!
Any idea what time the server will be down for the maintenance tomorrow (18 June)?


So happy about this update. I’ve been stuck in Wild Woodland even though my dragons are close to the same level as the ones I’m against (before the full release to the public when Canadians had beta testing this would be much easier)

I’m also very pleased with the confirmation button and book of dragons. How much will flight club cost? and will there be a One time payment option?

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@Marcus Is it just a question of an app store approving the app or has it not been submitted?

A scheduled maintenance will take place approximately between 9AM - 1PM (ET).


The update is already submitted. The scheduled maintenance is necessary to migrate and perform additional testing to ensure that the update is stable. After that, we’ll have to wait for the app store release and roll out the new update. Hope this answers your question! :slight_smile:


The Alpha special abilities that cause damage never did the intended amount of damage. You’ll now see increased damage from Alphas. This also means that if you were able to use the Alpha’s ability against themselves, it will do more damage to the Alpha.