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[Release Notes] Titan Uprising | Update (1.6)

This minor update focuses solely on improvements across the game and bug fixes. Our team will now concentrate on delivering the ARENA feature, a PvP mode, on the next update. Thank you for all your feedback and suggestions, keep ‘em coming!

Read below to learn more about the upcoming changes.

For troubleshooting assistance, please visit our Help & Support forum.


  • Added 64-bit support for Android players
  • Adjusted the requirements and probability of appearance for all Duties
  • Easier to select and tap on buildings when they have a task in progress
  • Improved the Ability descriptions across all Dragons to be more consistent



  • Alpha Chests now include Trust Points for an exclusive NEW Dragon - Maeve’s Buffalord
  • Improved Alpha Ability VFX
  • Added an info pop-up to better explain the Alpha Abilities (can be found in the Settings)



    • Lowered the damage output of the Shellfire’s Ability

      Developer’s Comment: The damage output of the Shellfire was ridiculously high. This change should make the damage output more consistent across all Alpha Dragons.

    • Increased the damage output of the Screaming Death’s Ability

      Developer’s Comment: The damage output was increased to scale the difficulty of the Alpha properly.


    • Skullcrusher (5-Star Green Flight Club Dragon) - Ability Improvements

      • Target Foe Loses Beneficial Effects is changed to All Foes Lose Beneficial Effects
      • All Allies Recover 25% Health is changed to All Allies Recover 30% Health

      Developer’s Comment: We improved Skullcrusher’s abilities so that he can provide better team support in battle. He now heals more and removes any beneficial effects to all foes.

    • Mythic Murmurquill (5-Star Purple Hushboggle) - Ability Changes

      • This Dragon Recovers 70% Health Of 210% (138+8perLvl) Damage from All Foes is changed to This Dragon Recovers 40% Health Of 190% (136+6perLvl) Damage from All Foes

      Developer’s Comment: Mythic Murmurquill was evaluated as being too strong in battle. We lowered its health recovery to ensure a more balanced gameplay.


  • Removed 2-Star Dragons from being a possible offspring when breeding two 4-Star Dragons


  • Fixed the low-resolution textures on all Dragons
  • Fixed multiple crashes in battle
  • Fixed the “white boxes” appearing in the Book of Dragons when selecting a Dragon
  • Fixed the issue where Clan energy was lost when the game reconnects during an Alpha battle
  • Fixed the issue where Alphas would disappear during battle
  • Fixed the issue where certain Duties can’t be completed
  • Fixed the missing “GO” button for Fishlegs’ Duties

Found a new bug or issue that wasn’t on this list? Please report it in our Bug Reports section.


That seems great, I just have two more ideas and I don’t know if some people will agree with me or not, just two ideas. If possible, it will be better if hook Fang’s spirit speed is changed to moderate, and about cloud jumper, if his first ability becomes: all foes take??? Damage for??? Turns or his last ability changes to all allies gain bonus health. This is just my opinion, I just think that improving cloud jumper’s abilities a bit will make him really helpful in combat, again, it’s just my opinion.

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Is there going to be any balancing involved with the other alphas. Currently the foreverwing spirals out of control too quickly. Especially when it always targets our special tiles first. Is there any changes to make it such that the alphas will suffer damage if we clear all of their ability items? Like clearing the roots in the foreverwing would deal some damage akin to the shellfire taking damage after we clear its ballista. I feel that should be applied to all the alphas to really balance out the difficulty of each alpha


Will this update be fixing the frozen board issues? Unless i have missed it in the notes but i cannot see it there.


Love that idea


@Yohomie Didn’t they say a few days ago that they would find the dragons that cause freezing and would replace them?

I didnt see mention of violet death gas being fixed… or stacking bombs on screaming death being fixed

Any word if they will make clan energy timer visible whenever energy isn’t full instead of just at 0?


Well there are still dragon’s causing it such as Sparks and Spew.

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Also any word on fixing g the Anveil healing bug?

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I would just go for one thing, in the main storyline, we are battling against 4-5 star dragons, and all we get is constantly a one star dragons, which currently for me is quite useless, my team is 5.5k power strong, so I cannot use them, even as a food for training a dragons because 10 1star dragons will hardly even make a 1 level at 4 -5 star Toothless. I would definitely like to see some improvement in this area.

Thanks Dave


When will this update go live?

Yes please get this fixed too


Scheduled for Thursday


I think any offspring should have not fewer stars than the parents. It’s not just 4+4. I just bred 5* and 3* and got 2* as a result - it’s ridiculous, really! :frowning:


Cant do that or you’re guaranteeing 5*


Will this be an app update or will it be a feature that is just pushed and no need to download the update through the app store?

@Alexander_Ra they said they would remove the 2 star from breeding, so a 5* and a 3* will mean a min of a 3*

What you’re saying doesn’t sound right @FlyingWolfPuppy . 4+4 they eliminated 2*.

5+3 could still yield a 2*


App update with a 2-3 hour shutdown

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at last they buff a bit breedy …