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[Release Notes] Titan Uprising | Update (1.7)

Vikings, the long-awaited ARENA feature is finally here! You’ll need to master a new style of battle without waves, in which the enemy’s Dragons relentlessly enter the fray!

First and foremost, before jumping into battle, you should take a moment to study which Dragons have been tweaked and rebalanced for this major release. Good luck in the Arena!

For troubleshooting assistance, please visit our Help & Support forum.


  • Improved the visuals and usability of the Shop
  • Improved the description for Crossbreed Draft Events to clarify that players have a higher chance of getting the Crossbreed’s parents
  • New Arena Duties

ARENA (click to expand)
  • Every player has 10 Arena Energy and 3 Opponent Rerolls

    • Energy regenerates every hour
    • Reroll regenerates every 10 minutes
  • If you’re facing a team that is way too strong or weak against yours, reroll to find a new opponent within your Trophy range

  • Setup a Defense Team (of up to 10 Dragons) for other players to battle against

    • You can test and battle your own setup and make changes to ensure you have the best team in place
    • Defense Team Dragons receive a stat boost to ensure balanced battles
  • Earn Trophies to climb up the rankings to earn Medals and prizes

    • Earn Medals by defeating your opponent’s Dragons, winning a battle or successfully defending against your challenger

    • Use Medals to purchase items such as resources, eggs, scales, sheep, protection (can’t be attacked for 8 hours) and Dragon Trust Points in the new Arena shop, Thawfest Emporium

    • The Deathgripper’s Trust Points are exclusive to the Thawfest Emporium and can’t be acquired elsewhere

    • A wide variety of items will be available each Season. Stock is limited and re-stocks at the beginning of each new Season

  • A Season lasts for 14 days

    • Half of your Trophies are removed after each new Season to ensure a more balanced and competitive gameplay
    • Only top 200 players will receive seasonal rewards
    • Rewards refresh at the start of each new season
  • A win streak bonus will increase the number of trophies and medals you can earn

  • Revitalize Dragon Ability

    • This ability can be triggered from the Defense Team when there are 1 or 2 empty slots on the battlefield, meaning it can only work when most of your Dragons are defeated
    • This ability allows you to revive a Dragon from your Defense Team that was defeated
    • You do not earn additional Arena Medals by defeating revived Dragons
BALANCING (click to expand)


  • Fixed the Screaming Death’s special ability issue
  • Fixed the issue with our subscription system where players were unable to resubscribe
  • Fixed the Rune purchasing issue in our Shop
  • Fixed the corrupted image in the Book of Dragons
  • Fixed the Alpha mission that rewarded players even if the Alpha escaped

Note: Our team spent the majority of the time working on the new Arena feature resulting in a smaller list of bug fixes.

Found a new bug or issue that wasn’t on this list? Please report it in our Bug Reports section.


Yes… @Marcus

chest free dragon 100 RUN İS gone !

And, I heard more than a few people


That’s great, a lot of dragons have been buffed, though it would also be nice if cloudjumper and the lithe loggerjammer would have also been buffed a bit, I hope that happens in the near future.

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Shifty Murklurker :arrow_right: slow to very slow? :sob: RIP


Really? Worsening Shifty… Great change… Why dont you leave the dragons as they are, those have been there from the beginning, people got used to them, got used to playing with them so why change it? …


Shifty is not a great dragon for no reason… It is a 5 dragon therefore he should be great. And he had already slow spirit speed so I do not think it was necessary to change it to very slow… And also 5 turns was gone pretty much instant so another nonsense change in my opinion…


Agreed, i have Cloudjumper and tbh it isn’t that great.

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Um…because they got buffed? If you use them you should be happy that they got buffed.

What I don’t get with the Arena, is why you would need the ‘protection’ thing - surely you can’t be attacked when you aren’t playing the Arena bit? Oh sorry, your dragons were defeated cos you were asleep…


The Nerf of the cryptic collector and brute wurst is just huge,especially for the cryptic, now she will generate 20% spirit only, that won’t really do much.The foreverwing is the one who must be nerfed and not the cryptic collector.


Shifty got buffed? Did not notice that…

Kind of a silly thing I noticed, but according to the balancing updates, is Bog-Blight’s name going to be changed to Tomb-Theif?


Aaaah, oops, I only saw the buffs (i’m not used to games nerfing stuff).

@Marcus You guys need to consider Son of skullcrusher before this patch out-

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Just a note. The dragon listing showed skrillcrusher as purple instead of blue

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I know, that is why everyone is angry that they nerfed him because he was a great dragon…


@Marcus,if we will see bugs after the update like it was the case with the other updates, and there will be hotfixes,changing the percentage of the spirit generation of the cryptic collector should happen with those hotfixes, the devs can just make it: all allies generate 28% spirit for??? Turns( generate the same percentage as now), or they could have just lowered the percentage of the spirit giving to 20% instead of generating 20%, because that’s really terrible and she won’t help much in the battles like she used to, that’s just a huge Nerf.and instead of nerfing her they have to Nerf the foreverwing because nobody can really stand him. I hope you will share this with your team.

@Marcus I’m very upset with the change to Cryptic. People have worked for months and spent who knows how much money designing teams around specific dragon abilities. This isn’t just a nerf for Cryptic—y’all have created a completely different FIVE STAR dragon that is no longer worth five stars and whose ability can’t be stacked with Toothless. Y’all have no shame. I for one am done spending money on this game. Truly disappointed in y’all.


I’ve been wanting a duplicate for the cryptic collector so badly but I really lost that intention right now after this Nerf, I’m just disappointed, they should buff some dragons not Nerf them.


I think it would be really nice if we could get a monthly premium dragon draft to boost everything