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[Release Notes] Titan Uprising | Update (1.8)

Dreadfall has taken over Berk, Vikings! It’s time to bring out your gresskara and candles to join the celebration! :jack_o_lantern::candle:

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  • NEW Dreadfall theme
  • NEW Dreadfall Toothless Trust Event
    • Coming soon - keep an eye out for the quest calendar this weekend!


  • Players with 5,000+ Trophies will reset to 2,500 Trophies at the start of Season 3

Developer’s Comment: This was necessary to maintain fair competition at the start of each new Season. Arena Matchmaking is constantly being monitored and will be adjusted every Season as needed. Ultimately, the goal is to make it easier than it is now to find a viable opponent while still keeping the Defense Team meaningful in the long-term. Expect more balancing changes in upcoming Seasons.


  • :arrow_double_down: Reduced Duty Energy rewards from 5 to 3 - in effect at the start of Season 3

Developer’s Comment: With the addition of Arena Duties, players are now completing more Duties than ever before, resulting in very high amounts of Exploration Energy. This change is intended to provide a more reasonable and balanced distribution of Energy.

  • :arrow_double_up: Increased difficulty in node 5 of Scale Quests and Daily Quests.

Developer’s Comment: After some balancing changes and bug fixes in the Arena Update, we unintentionally lowered the difficulty of many battles. While this is acceptable in some cases, the last battle of Scale Quests and Daily Quests have always been intended to be more challenging. We’ll continue to monitor battles that are easier or harder than intended.


  • Fixed the Deafening Dawnbrawler’s (5-star Hoarsebrumble) issue where the Dragon’s ability would not work as described
  • Fixed the Thunderclaw issue in the Book of Dragons preventing players from claiming their rewards
  • Fixed the sync issue causing a delay in the ending sequence of battles
  • Fixed the issue where the Screaming Death’s ability would not function properly when multiple bombs were stacked
  • Fixed the issue where players can’t complete the Violet Death Alpha battle
  • Fixed multiple text string issues
  • Other minor bug fixes

Note: If you would like to report a new issue that hasn’t been addressed on this list, please report it in our Bug Reports forum.

How about removing arena and its related duties instead of decreasing the energy reward?


So let me make sure I understand this first, you removed energy from the duty chest then readded it but we only get 9, we can’t get much medals to buy from the shop from arena because we are getting just extremely strong players, and now reducing the energy reward after completing a duty…something is wrong with you for real.then you just come in and call it “balancing”, can a dev please explains how is he seeing this as “balancing”? Because I’m pretty sure he is using the wrong word.


Do you even care about your players anymore or are we just a joke to you?
There is no way you guys actually think this stuff is ok.
We complain about not having enough energy ever, people can’t complete their arena duties because you messed arena up this season. You don’t apologize, you release no notes, don’t say anything, and now you do this. You wonder why your players and paying customers leave but you only care about money and ways to make us pay for more… lol ok.


It’s the same case as when they reduced the amount of scales we get from the alpha chest which the whole word is in desperate need of, now they reduced the energy we get which we are in need of it,if we could get more than 6 energy in hour which is stupid to me, then it would probably be okay.
-so let’s sum up everything in just one sentence: how about taking your arena and the new horrible changes you made with you, and just go back like we were before that terrible update you released? We were playing just comfortably, with no problems,getting runes from the alpha chest, 15 energy from the duty chest, duties were easier,or having these things really hurt you physically or something? Did you feel like you will all die if you don’t completely screw up the game? And having all these players here complaining and getting annoyed by your decisions and you are just completely ignoring them, shame on you… Just a shame.


So no moves to fix the craziness of overpowered defending teams? Most people aren’t getting energy from the arena duties as they aren’t playing the arena anymore as it is utterly rage inducing.


Sorry guys, do you even read the stuff your players are telling you on FB and this forum?! Less energy for the duties due to more duties available because of the arena?! This season pretty much no one gets anything done in the arena so we are not getting more energy… nor can we buy things from the arena shop as we do not get medals… those new changes are ridiculous!


ONE WORD: ARE YOU JOKE? This updete is a joke !!!


unfortunately not joke real like another bad update and now ı am waiting new worst update @Marcus


Wait a sec…you made the last scale battle HARDER??? I have a team of maxed out 4-star dragons, 2 of which are 5-stars that I can’t level up because I can’t win those battles to get the 3-star scales. How do I level them up if I’m not strong enough to earn what I need in order to level up???


I like many on this forum actually care about this game and have made excuse after excuse to spend money for your development team to make these horrible updates that always seem to break more than they fix. Now you release “balancing” changes rather than fixing the core problems with Arena being overbuffed, and not having enough energy to progress. Progression is what makes this game interesting, and you slowing everyone’s progression in the name of “balancing” doesn’t make sense. Balancing would mean you made this game more fair for everyone to progress. But instead you’ve just crippled everyone’s ability to properly enjoy this game. Shame on you Ludia.


heeeey Ludia !! we are your players !!! Do we ever matter and you don’t care about us !!!

Hear us now !!!

it’s enough! we endured. you did not stop!!!

Zero money is spent on this game now ! we don’t spend money on the game we don’t like ! @Marcus

I canceled now! NOWWWW !


its time to cancel it is enough ı am bored this bad updates @Marcus


Okay, apparently can’t swear so my bad. Anyways, this is not a good update and I have canceled my subscription until the arena is fixed! No way that people on top 30 should be getting 5000 bp bots when I have 1000 trophies and getting 6-7k bots.


Unreal how much of a grind y’all have made this game now. Cancelled my subscription to flight club a couple months ago when you took away good prizes in chests, now I have quit game completely because of this recent update. The app has already been deleted. No more fun for me. Way to go, I hope you lose a lot more people because of it. Game isn’t even fun anymore, it is work work work. Valhalas Children and Valhalas Outlaws, shout out to you all!! I loved being a part of such an awesome group and hope y’all keep doing well! Take care!


In other words, if you want to essentially opt out of Arena by ignoring the arena duties, you’ll be able to play less because the duties you do complete won’t replace the energy you use.


Look, I’m not the type to threaten to walk because I don’t like a change. But seriously, I’m not sure how much longer it will hold my interest when all of the updates make the game less enjoyable. I’m going to keep playing for now. I like matching things and I have a clan that relies on everyone being consistent. But if it gets to be all challenge and no fun, I’ll probably drift away.


Should we be surprised? This is probably the same devs that had this response to another player about arena being too hard, they obviously don’t play their own game. It amazing they think this is balancing.

Don’t forget they are still exploring ways to display breeding odds in game also, but put this “update” through no problem


I’m right there with you. My money can go better places like my local PBS radio station. Unlike some businesses, they actually listen to what their customers say.


Guys, the amount of complaining on the forums is almost absurd. Do any of you think about things before you react? I have 2.5m eggs and 1.1m gold because the only way I can use my energy daily is on the egg quests.

We currently get 405 energy/day and you’re all complaining about slightly less? How much energy do need?

Everyone complained about lack of runes so they added a ton of those plus medals in arena.

And balancing the 5th stage of quests was necessary. They made them way too easy in the last update. Everyone could complete them with no issues, but 3* scales should require a great roster and high skill level.

I’m at 12,000🏆 and will be knocked down to those who put in 33% of my effort. I should be complaining, but I’m not. The only thing ludia dropped the ball on was not increasing the trophy ladder to go to at least 10,000 @Marcus as compensation for those who put in the extra effort.

Maybe because you are at 12k trophies you do not feel the pain of people who stuck at 1k trophies and cannot advance because arena is unbalanced? :face_with_monocle: