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[Release Notes] Titan Uprising | Update (1.9)

Vikings, one of the most demanded features is finally implemented in update 1.9, we bring you breeding odds and breeding boost! This update is also packed with new Alpha and Chest changes so make sure you read all about it before the update comes out next week!

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  • New Autumn theme on Berk
  • New Thanksgiving Trust Event
  • New Duties for the latest Crossbreed Dragons
  • Improved the Combo VFX
  • Increased the odds of Ability rank up from Sheep
  • Polished and Improved the general stability of Duties
  • Clan Energy now refills when a new Alpha Dragon appears
  • Arena Energy now refills when a new Season begins
  • The daily Color Drafts will no longer be replaced when an Event Draft is happening
  • Tapping the Color Wheel in Battle now displays a tooltip


  • Nov 27 to Dec 10
  • 3 Chapters - each chapter has greater Trust Points rewards than the last
  • Earn additional Trust Points from your Duties Chest, Alpha Chest, Quests and Thawfest Emporium
  • Earn additional Trust Points from select featured Drafts


  • Now displays the odds of each potential offspring
  • Limited time breeding boost
    • A boost is added towards the next breeding attempt when you don’t get the highest Dragon rarity from Breeding. The odds are slightly increased.
    • The odds boost can be stacked up to 5 times until it caps out
    • The boost resets once you obtain the highest Dragon rarity from Breeding or if you don’t start breeding within an hour of receiving the boost
  • Better visuals to communicate when a Crossbreeding Boost event is active
  • :arrow_double_down: Reduced the Crossbreeding Duty requirement from 2 to 1


  • All Alphas now have an ability that can inflict damage
    • The Foreverwing
      • Thorns now spawn from a core tile on the board
      • Matching by the core destroys the thorns and inflicts damage on the Foreverwing
    • The Bewilderbeast
      • Ice walls create frost that creeps towards the player’s team each turn and causes damage if it reaches your Dragons
      • Destroying ice walls will inflict damage on the Bewilderbeast
    • The Green Death
      • The Green Death’s ability now spawns a 2x2 patch of gas
      • If gas is already present on the board when its ability is ready, the Green Death will ignite the gas, sending fireballs to your Dragons
      • Matching by the gas will ignite it, sending fireballs back at the Green Death
  • :arrow_double_up: Increased the damage of all Alpha abilities

Developer’s Comment: This will improve the risk/reward when battling all Alphas and providing more strategic options (e.g. Healer Dragons will be a more viable option).

  • :arrow_double_up: Increased the health of all Alpha Dragons

Developer’s Comment: This will compensate for the amount of damage you can now inflict to Alpha Dragons.

  • :arrow_double_up: Increased the amount of Alpha Keys rewarded to encourage greater competition for top positions within the Clan


  • All Chests visuals have been updated
  • Added a variety of new Chests
    • Coin Chests, Fish Chests and Flight Club Chests are now available every day in the Rune Shop
    • Special Chests that offer Dragons, Trust Points, Scales, Sheep and more will have a chance to appear in the Rune Shop


  • Fixed Dreadfall Toothless’ % damage in his bio
  • Fixed Dreadfall Toothless’ abilities in battle
  • Fixed the issue where players can place both Toothless simultaneously on their team. Only one Toothless (or any other Unique Dragon) can now be part of your Defense or Battle team.
  • Fixed the server validation error when using Dreadfall Toothless
  • Fixed the server validation error when switching your Dragon team
  • Fixed the issue causing FPS degradation after extended gameplay on all iPhones
  • Fixed the visual error where defeated dragons were not darkened in the Battle Summary
  • Fixed the issue where rerolls don’t refill
  • Fixed the issue where you can’t reconnect to the game after quitting the app on Android devices
  • Fixed the reconnection issue appearing indefinitely on iOS devices
  • Fixed the softlock issue after losing network connection during Arena and Alpha Battles

Found a new bug or issue that wasn’t on this list? Please report it in our Bug Reports section.


Looking forward to these changes and new things coming!
Question: Do you mean Violet Death (red Alpha) by Green Death?


I believe so. Green Death is the species for Violet Death if I recall. :thinking:

Please correct me if I’m wrong though. :sweat_smile:


What have you done about blocked board? When all you can do is to press “flee”.


@Marcus,I wished there was a balancing of some dragons, like cloudjumper and the lithe loggerjammer.

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That is correct ^~^


Great, so my Dreadfall Toothless is basically going to be completely useless at this point… I’m already sorely disappointed. :roll_eyes::expressionless:

I think they are talking about how the Dreadfall Toothless’s Damage % always being showed at 0% on his first skill. As for the other thing I’m not sure just yet but we’ll see.


DT abilities will simply be displayed as they should be and you will not be allowed to use Toothless and DT in one team which was known from the beginning (at least for me). So I don’t fully get what you mean by useless?
Being allowed to use Toothless and DT in your team is killing diversity of the game, I can’t count on how many defense teams I came across using them both. With buffs and together they are completely OP in my opinion and way too easy to get. I think it’s the right choice of Ludia to make us choose between them.

Btw I took Toothless out of my defense team and kept DT as soon as I knew for sure that using both of them for defense was a bug as I supposed. (Have not fought against both of them myself at this point, so I didn’t know how strong they really are together.)


Isn’t it one of the best dragons in alpha battles now? Although now it’s bugged so it can’t be used in arena attack teams.


What happened to increasing storage?

Fun update. I know everyone will enjoy!

I’m personally worried about my game bc none of the bug fixes are what I’m experiencing and I don’t know anyone who’s reporting thier game as unplayable as mine. My screen is constantly getting spammed with error messages and every couple minutes I have to button smash for over a minute to get out of the error messages and especially between every single game I have to restart the whole thing.

I dont know if I can continue playing like this.


He’s useless because I don’t have other dragons to pair him up with on a team yet. I worked hard to get him, power him up, and get his copies, and now he’s basically dead weight because I can’t use him on either defensive or offensive teams. He’s one of my top 5. Top 3 when you consider my collection of maxed out 5*’s. It’s not that I’m not trying, I save my runes, do the 10 draw, I breed constantly, and I’ve started near the beginning of this game’s release. So yes, I think I have a right to be disappointed. At least with this current way, I could have him on the arena team and now I can’t have him there at all. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Omg thank you guys! Thank you! This update is gonna be big, I can’t wait!


Looks fine and all but when is the board freeze gonna be resolved? I’m tired of losing my streak in the arena and alpha/quest energy because the board suddenly freezes when i’m about to win.


I pair DT up with good 4 stars and other event dragons since 4 stars are really easy to get (including copies) as soon as you’re in a clan that gets level 7 Alpha chests. And I’m not lacking of team mates for DT in general, my biggest problem is to replace Toothless as a core purple since I focused on him and don’t got other good purples. That’s all. So I’m working on copies for Maeve’s buffalord now.

Like I said, it was quite clear from the beginning that you won’t be allowed to use a dragon and its costumed self in one team, it wouldn’t make any sense, just like using the same dragon twice doesn’t do (and this is not allowed, so that’s a clear sign how things would be handled with Toothless in a costume).

I don’t think you have any right to be disappointed in DT and his usability since he is still a great dragon - imo there’s need for restrictions to not let DT outrun too many other blues. Maybe you’re disappointed in the odds for getting good team mates for him, it’s all about luck with this and if you’re unlucky it can be very frustrating. But working on them should get easier with this update since breeding will have improved odds.


Welp, that’s your opinion.

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Look like they found the way to fix that bugs, Nicely done, guys !


We wanna clan wars

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Wow, a lot of bug fixes and changes!
But when we’ll see a fix about alpha battles cost 2 energies instead of one sometimes?
And when the fragile game connection will be improved?
They really bother me when I play D,:


OMG More health for Alpha
great update though

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