Release Notes Today!

Yes! They come out today! Poor me though, at work, there’s real bad internet


It didn’t come yet

But I am expecting it to come in an hour or two.

Fingers crossed that we see them soon. :crossed_fingers:


What is released note?

it goes over the next Update for the game. the changes, new hybrids, new mechanics, bug fixes, all that stuff.

Understand :+1:

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I can tell im probably not gonna be here the minute their out, can’t wait to see how many replies the topic gets, whether their good or bad, in the time I’m gone

But I am definitely exited to see what comes

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my homemade hybrid! I really hope ludía would accept my idea :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Firstly carnorex aka indotaurus is already planned on being added

That’s so great!! I make Carnorex because chameleon Carnotaurus was my favourite character of the Jurassic Park Novel :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am mostly sure we will have patch notes today.

Released note always release this time of every week or month?

I think today

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That is amazing

That’s some awesome artwork.

Goodbye Testa #nerf

thats cool

I don’t see any notes release

I feel like somebody is messing with me here. “Nasutolonyx” and Megalotops both mentioned. “Megalotops” has been hinted at before. Do you guys know something that I don’t know?