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[Release Notes] What’s Your Story? (1.19.14)

In This Update:

  • Lovelink has had a makeover, with a refreshed UI and smoother swiping experience.
  • Never miss a message again! You can now see when your matches are online and available to chat in Lovelink!
  • Even more members are joining LoveLink! Swipe to your heart’s content and find your match today!
  • 64bit Android compliance
  • Better Lovelink Notifications

Bug fixes

  • Non responsive black screen during game play is now gone
  • General performance optimization
  • Visual polishes

I was so excited to get the rest of my stories in LoveLink in a new update, but it didn’t happen. When? When will you give me my man back?! :angry: :smile: Can it happen only in updates or at any time? Why did you remove “changing hearts”? And also some guys are gone from potential matches. Are they going to come back later? Cause there were some serious hotties.

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I love the update honestly but most of the persons who I was talking to they disappeared from my love link list

Hey Isaiarasi, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key? Our team would be happy to take a closer look at your account. Thanks!

I would like to see… er, hear… background music and sounds added to each story!