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[Release Notes] What's Your Story? (1.10.4)


In This Update:

  • Share function:
    Let friends know about your in-game experiences via your favorite social media app by pressing the new share button!

  • Toned down UI:
    While playing a story, the upper game hud will fade away for you to enjoy more of those awesome backgrounds. A simple tap on the top of your screen will bring it back!

  • Loading Improvements:
    A few new game tips have been added to the loading screen while you wait for your stories.

  • Overall Performance Optimization:
    The team is continuously working on making the game speed quicker!


Hiiii​:slightly_smiling_face:I’m new here but I think this is where you write suggestions for new stories and I just had some ideas​:slightly_smiling_face::sparkling_heart:

  • Friends
  • Riverdale
  • Pretty little liars
  • orange is the new black
  • new girl
  • To all the boys I’ve loved before
  • Pitch perfect
  • Vampire diaries
  • one where girl fall’s in love with a celebrity and they fall for each other
  • Something called Malibu :joy_cat:Don’t rewally know what it would be about
  • Kissing booth