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Release Schedule?

In the latest update, the first bullet point says, Your favourite matches are returning!

In that case, will you provide a release schedule so we can see if our personal favourites actually make it on the list of matches you consider people’s favourites?

This way, we can see when our favourites are back, so hopefully we don’t have to wait another 6+ months for them to actually return.


Oh god I really hope so. I think one month or two ago some mods mentioned that Lovelink would release a schedule of updates but honestly not sure if it has been done.

Wish we could get at least some names or something more but… I think they won’t give names so people will keep paying attention to the app or paying the VIP. ;_;

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All I’ve seen of a release schedule is Austin/Damien, Albert/Jonathan, Skylar/Jaden, Liam/Min Jae and Dahlia/Rose the past month or so with Nicholas Adley, Dr Vile and the chef character added

I read that too, but I don’t think they ever made it public.

I can understand why they would keep it a secret, to entice people back to the app to check if their matches are back. But to me, that’s just plain irritating

And I don’t think they would lock it behind a paywall, as they’d get A LOT of flak if they did that. Activision and EA don’t even lock roadmaps behind paywalls, and they’re two of the greediest companies in the gaming industry.