Release the compys!


I´ll hope to see on new updates other dinosaurs, but really love to see the compys, maybe can be used on pvp like a little group attacking. What skills do you think could be good on this mob?


And add the Meganeura and the Arthropleura please! What am I saying? Come on they are tiny and eat insects or we could have a baby stadium with tiny Dino like Troodon, Protoceratop all Pterosaurs except “Quetzalcoatlus” etc…


Maybe strike and run, as well as normal strike. I honestly dont see any other attacks the compys can have. I also think the compys should have low health, since theyre small, but high attack as well since a whole pack of them can do so much damage.


I think Impact and run, or rampage and run just to give it that little push in battle.


bleeding attack of some kind
strike and run type of move

They can be unique versions of these moves for compys, don’t have to be those ones exactly. Think they could be either common or rare dino. You use bleeding strike then run to let the opponents dino bleed out. Around 128-130 speed would work imo.


Well, considering the films and how they’re venomous, they can take on bigger prey so…yeah.


CRY HAVOC! and let slip the reasonably violent lizards of war!

That is gonna be “Brown Trouser Time” for the first JWA player facing off against a swarm of Compys, then realizing too late that he overestimated his chances of victory…


“No One Expects A Compy Intervention!”


DoT for sure. Little poisonous monsters.


In ARK Survival Evolved, I’ve seen a Giganotosaur get mobbed by a 7000 - Compy army…


Perhaps unlike other dinosaurs, where you clone just the one, perhaps on the Arena screen the compy’s are a small pack of them?


Compys: the answer to heavy hitters?

There are 3 Compys in a Rare unit.

Each Compy does damage, each Compy takes a hit.

Maybe each compy deals ~200 damage, so all three do ~600 (and each one has its own individual crit trigger, so not all will crit but some might). Not bad for a little swarm.

A Velociraptor uses Pounce: one Compy bites it HARD. The other two survive, and do ~400 damage back. Raptor uses strike, one more compy dies, last does 200 back. Raptor does strike, compy is dead, but the Raptor no longer has the ability to 1-hit KO.

An Indominus uses Cloak; each of 3 compys has a chance to hit. 2 miss, one hits; not much damage, but it works as a bit of a DoT. Indominus hits hard off of cloak, but only one Compy dies; 2 left hit for ~400. Indominus hits back, kills another one. Etc.

Armored tanks, that usually are overlooked or maligned due to low damage in a heavy-damage meta, are now very effective.

Amargacephalus (or insert low-damage tank here) takes ~600 - 40% damage, swings once… and is just as effective at killing one of three Compys as the super-cannons, but is substantially better-off. Finally, an ACTUAL resemblance to rock/paper/scissors has been introduced.

Epic Compy Swarm: has 4 Compys instead of 3, maybe does 225 damage each instead of 200.


And as for skills, generally all manner of debuffing. So Immune dinosaurs can have a better return to the spotlight (excluding Indominus, who has Immunity just to make it OP)


Oh, and just to really shake up the meta because I rather despise the direction Ludia has opted to go for it, Epic Compy has a speed of… 133. :smirk_cat:


Yes, I would love it. I just started to get to the point where there are people using the only raptor teams and that little edge would be great in battle.