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I have some dinos and can’t put the in sanctuary because it says I use them in battles but I don’t!!! Release my dinos please!!!

If they are in your PvP team, friendly battle team, or on an active tournament team, then they can’t be placed in the sanctuary. Other restrictions are just level based like current pachy needing u to be lvl 20 to be placed in a sanctuary

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I think they Are in friendly battle but I don’t want them there.i wanna be able to level them. isn’t there a way to get them back?

So if you want to be able to place them in a sanctuary and remove them from any of your teams(PvP, Friendly, or tourney) just click on the little button that says modify that should be near the top right corner of your team display. And so when you click on that button, you can select a creature on your team, and then after the rest of your dino dex is no longer grayed out, you can select a creature to replace it with. If you still can’t place it in a sanc, I suggest you either recheck all ur teams(pvp, friendly, tournament if active) to see if its still there, if yes, you need to remove it from ur team. If that’s not it, it may be another factor such as sanctuary restriction. that’s about it
If u want to lvl it up, also simple. If its a hybrid, you just have to fuse it to the point where it surpasses the dna requirement and you are given the option to lvl it up. If its a non-hybrid you just have to collect enough dna to lvl it up

Pls correct me if I’m wrong @Ned

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@Matzika, if the creature is not in your Friendly or regular PVP team and you are still having trouble placing the creature in the sanctuary, please reach out to our support team at with your support key.


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Thank was so easy