Relentless VIP spam..plz stop

Dropped VIP like 3 weeks ago and my sub finaly ended this morning.

I have played about an hour so far today, and I have recieved no less then 6 random pop up banner ads asking me to re-sub to VIP.

I am used to the offers and spam for different things when I start the game, but I dont remember having to deal with random pop up banner ads durring game play. Is this a new thing now? Its already getting on my nerve…

Always been there…
When riding shotgun lately, it’s been a constant barrage of
“You’re going too fast”
“Signup for VIP”
Map timeout
Out of range
Dino despawn

Since I had been VIP forever, it seems that I never had to deal with this before.

But yeah, im over 20 VIP pop ups now in about 2 hours of play. It makes Ludia seem pathetically desperate, shrug. Guess I should just get used to the endless begging from this poiint on. Sigh.

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