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Remaining UN-Boosted

Thanks for the constant development on what was a brilliant game that many of us reallly enjoyed. However many people really dislike the ability to meddle with creatures statistics so drastically. Either they are defined by the game and made fair across the board, or remain static (such as the SPEED stat) and people can learn the game and can have fun developing tactics and strategies accordingly. Where there is more SKILL involved there is more FUN and sense of achievement to be had. But this is where boosts throw everything out, they make everything unknown, base-stats become meaningless and more difficult to implement team strategy. So with boosts we get this power-creep situation again where players stack upon the most powerful dinosaurs and then only rely on them, resulting in no real skill nor strategy required. Players also lose touch with what creatures base-stats are so become less good at playing in (fair & fun) flat-levelled battles because their expectations are inflated with their boosts.

I can only suggest that in order to protest about this unfair and imbalancing mechanic forced upon us, we take all these stat-boosts that have been rolled-back to us and we DO NOT USE THEM keeping the teams we’ve grinded so hard for ‘UNBOOSTED’. The cynical amongst us will see it as a money-making scheme, but I’m more interested in the integrity, balance and enjoyment of the game.


Do these puritans also not level their dinos? Because if they do I have news…


If you don’t want yours I’ll gladly take them.


Cool beans.

I don’t share your opinion on this matter OP. I like to adjust my Dino’s stats where I feel they may be lacking, to help make them usable on my team. I will FOR SURE continue boosting

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Good for you.

Yeah :black_heart:

Loved the tank-meta.

Before swap-in-rampage.


Long story short. You’re going to purposely put yourself at a huge disadvantage and waste a years worth of previous work, for some moral high ground type of thing.

Sick. Have fun with that


I don’t think there would be anything to make them change their minds right now, and certainly not reverting back the whole boost mechanics.

I think the best compromise is that they make another arena which prohibits boost.

All I can say is try to make the best out of it. I don’t like the idea of speed boost either, but there is no way changing it because there are certainly people who like it.


Have fun down there.

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I think players who remain unboosted have one foot out the door.


I’m gonna boost my dinos so hard


Boost or no boost u forgot the real big problem here, they dont care about balance anymore, i know they come for money, so sell me some skins put more tournaments like the last one whit crazy rules, let us to get level 50 (i want to buy that crazy offerts for level up).

Please Ludia we love fair game u still got time to fix this greate mistake


Boosting just serves to irrecoverably push your team higher and elevates it to a position above where you won’t be able to compete as well. I’m happy where I am, I can get my dailies without problems unboosted. The Arena is dead to me now. I’m just holding out for the fair and flat levelled tournaments. Progression up the arena with the use of Boosts is actually pointless, I’m amazed no one’s spotted that instead of just slamming me. Enjoy your game I’ll enjoy mine.


I won’t be boosting anything. When tournaments and Arena were linked and trophies made a difference, it was vital to remain in at least the lowest reward bracket. Now, as I have no desire to climb up the Arena levels, I’ll happily just play where the game finds me in whatever Arena. I don’t need boosts.


You also lose touch with creatures base-stats so no longer know what your unboosted creatures are capable of once you get used to cheating your dinos with Boosts. In the long run it doesn’t make you any better at competative battling, it actually makes you worse.

Chasing after Arena trophies is nothing but an exercise in pure vanity (and how fat your wallet is). Thankfully you can still enjoy this game without all that nonsense.


Vanity and fat wallets are nonsense?
What game do you think this is?

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Cheating. Boots are not cheating. I use them mainly on Stgydaryx, Koolab and Puru. Less on my already OP creatures

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I think that it’s supposed to be a ‘competitive battling’ game W1ckety. In competitive battling it’s the base-stats that matter the most. Boosts are nonsense because they give an skewed result and elevated expectation, and you’ll never learn the game with them. They’re little more than a crutch and pointlessly leverage arena rank - paying for this is also nonsense.

Can you prove they were boosting?
Get screen shots and report them to Ludia.
That’ll showem!