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Remaining UN-Boosted

Sorry. Just look d back over my thing and eorte a typo. No cheaters herr

But to be fair, they probably are

Boosts have destroyed this game for me. Grinding for close to a year to develop a top 500 team and now I cant win a battle in lockwood. What a colossal greed based screw up


They didn’t care about balance when they allowed you to level up dinos. Nor should they. You know what’s balanced? Tic tac toe.

In honor of the OP I’m going to spend some boosts on a common just because I can.


You should see what levels do to base stats. Smh they total wreck them.

I get it though if your point is these are easier to get than DNA and coins for leveling. I would back off the whole “altered base stats are a disaster” take though.

TLDR: Boosts only change trophy count not user game experience.

Now, for the rest of the story…

Users can choose to boost or not, it will not change the game experience for either. They will only advance in trophies as far as their team strength/user skill will allow. Boosting is just another way to advance the team strength aspect.

I have not used boosts yet. I choose not to to see what the difference in trophy level is not to make a moral statement. I also am not going to get involved in the costs associated with playing the boost war. I figure it is going to be about $50 USD per week. The only thing different is my trophy count is lower than if I used them. It is much lower. No other aspect of the game changed for me. I can still battle, dart, do my daily missions and contribute equally to the Alliance Missions as those who use boosts.

If someone is concerned with their trophy count as a measure of how well they are progressing in the game, they should use boosts to be higher. If they do not, they will be at a severe disadvantage. That is the only difference. Yes, those that purchase boosts as they are available will rise higher in trophies more than the F2P user. Same as those that put in more time and effort into the game will rise higher. It is just another aspect of the game to gain higher trophies is all.

Will I use boosts in the future? Probably will. I am accumulating them as I go so should have the same amount as most other users who play daily and complete all missions/events to receive them. I even purchased all I could afford with the reset HC I received!

If you are getting one-shoted by boosted Thor and the rest, you are too high in trophies. Boost to keep up or continue battling, and losing, until you find your new trophy/skill level. It is going to be much lower if you do not boost, maybe a thousand or more lower. When you fall enough you will be matched with users where you can get a 50/50 win/loss and stabilize trophy level. For me it was 4200 down to 3300. For others it may be 5500 down to 4000. The boost advantage for my opponents was about 4.5 to 5 creature levels. My level 22.5 team was matched with level 18 average boosted teams. So those un-boosted level 30’s are going to be battling level 24 - 25’s to be at the same ‘strength’.


competitive rng battling… fixed that for you.

Boosting is for *******

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You don’t have to edit “winners”


Last time I checked winners do it the old school way. Hard work not cheap boosts.


Last time I checked they did it the old school way by buying coins and incs.

I find it is work smarter not harder.

Well played

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I’ve got to say I’ve really been enjoying winning battles against boosted-teams now. My teams level may be 5-6 levels higher than my opponents but that’s fair game (allegedly) no one has to use those cheaty stat-modifiers after all.

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Anyone else still unboosted ? How’s that working out for you ?
I’ve amassed quite a lot of boosts from strike events and Daily Battle Incubators, but I haven’t used a single one of them. My team consists of level 16-20 dinos, and my trophy count has remained fairly stable at 3300ish and climbing, throughout the whole boost fiasco. I regularly face boosted dinos, ranging from level 16 through to even 24 or 25, but they’re usually manageable. I have faced boosted teams that overpowered mine, but I’ve always been able to recover from losses with subsequent matches. I finally crossed the 3500 mark today and entered Jurassic Ruins. Whether I’ll remain there is a different story, but have I just been lucky or have the rest of you unboosted players had similar experiences ?


I’m staying 100% unboosted, don’t need them. If I want to make my creatures better I’ll level them up. Tbh I’m having far more interesting games battling against different creatures you don’t see higher up. Thankfully I don’t get those boring battles where one boosted Thor annihilates my entire team. I’m happily at a place where I can have fun with Arena battles again without the frustration.


I’ve been facing some unexpectedly interesting teams too! I recently faced a boosted level 22(I think) Tupandactylus. It really is refreshing. I’ve been seeing Gorgosuchus, Sinoceratops, Irritators, Baryonyx and Concavenator too.

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Same, and while I am facing the consequences of staying steroid free on my dinos, from 2700-ish trophies, I am now in 2400-ish trophies. I have stockpiled so many stat boosts, but I refuse to boost any of my current dinos, and i am waiting til i get my endgame unique team. Idk if this is an ideal plan, so i guess leave suggestions on what I should do with my stat boosts.


That was pretty much my plan too, and although I was going to make an exception for Dracoceratops, it being a Tyrant and all, I’ve decided to hold out on it for a while.

Boosting health/attack to tier 2 is the same as 1 level up. The stat numbers are exact. So boosting to tier 2 just saves a lot of coins, dna, and fusing RNG. Anything past tier 2 are bonefide boosts, and the health/attack stats can be all over the place. Speed boosts are the most crucial and shouldn’t have been introduced IMO.