Remake of my park

So i recently start to remaking my park. I removed all my dinos from isla nublar and now my game works at 60 fps and its not laggy like before. It was caused by so many dinos placed in my park, because of animations and shadows. And here i have question to all people that have parks looking like this :point_down:(Image from youtube)

Does this kind of park didnt lag at all or sometimes? I know that this is quite stupid question but i just want to make sure before spending milions of coins by buying decorations.


Put this in “General Discussion” thread

The more “stuff” you have out the more drain it has on your device. I believe this is one of the reasons for some of the lag I have as I have my park packed with “stuff”.


So i did some things and yes, the more stuff i have on island the more memory it needs. So now i decided to remove everything from isla nublar and now my best coin-producing dinosaurs are going to be in isla sorna because its not main island and here im just going to go when i need to collect coins.

I know it looks empty and odd but I’m able to accept this for smooth fps.

I think its more a question for help than something to discuss about.

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I typically keep my park as a park, I like to see my dinosaurs in a row, it warms my heart

Realme phone?

I also have whole park filled with a few reserved places for my top favorite dinos and my game still can go for 60 fps

Isla nublar is completly cleared of everything, only thing i have here is boss statues and my four playable bosses.

On isla sorna i have all my dinos. Its still laggy but its laggy not on main island so its good for me i think.

My phone is oppo reno 4 lite. I have similar app for showing fps as you. Yet my game still lags for some reason.

8gb ram?


8GB ram and 8 core processor

Strange, no much big difference from me, but our phones different graphics parts and UI system

Any ideas what can i do to improve gameplay?

try to turn off all other aplication which running on background.

how old is that phone?

Well our phones not so much old from each, both was released on september 2020

Yes, i think mine was released in late summer 2020. It makes me confused more because this phone specyfications are quite good and jwtg works quite bad.

I’m kinda happy of what i did because now scrolling is way more easier than before.

On mine game is working 100% never work better on other phones, but dont you forget we still have a different brand phones with different graphic and each has their own UI system from developers :woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

Yes i know… :pensive: but this phone specyfications are good, and i dont know why this game have that low fps sometimes… and its just that game, other games works at 60 fps most of the time.