Sometimes you have a really good battle with an opponent that is so closely matched that it all comes down to one move that loses the game for you. It would be nice to have the option at the end of the battle to ask for a rematch. The odd time if you start a new battle immediately after you’ll get paired with the same opponent, but a direct rematch challenge would make things more interesting.

I’ve been playing for a while and if they’re still using bots they’ve gotten so good I can no longer tell the difference between a live player and a bot. If it’s a live opponent there could be some sort of “double or nothing” reward system, whereas a bot will just auto-accept a rematch and it’s for regular coin/trophy rewards.

Rematches would only be able to be initiated by the loser, so you can’t keep creaming an opponent that you know you can always beat hands down. The winner would also have the option to decline the rematch.

This would also be handy for those matches that you lose because of a glitch.