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Remember acheivments?

Acheivments are easily forgotten when you complete all of them, and none of them are a special thing you can remember as a cool thing you actually did. It’s always something like: have a certain number of dinos or hybrids, when you reach lvl 20, you have probably alredy(or are close) to completing them.

It would be fun if acheivments had a greater impact, on gameplay and ”status” within the game. Example: Maybe make more than 50 acheivments- that way they can last longer. Also, make them more fun and creative.

The most fun idea (imo) is If you unlocked a new profile picture for certain acheivments. Then you could show off that you accomplished something! An example: give the player an Indoraptor GEN 2 profile pic when the player unlockes it.

I think it would be a simple thing that could motivate and expand on the gameplay for many players!
What do you think?


Sorry for the bad spelling btw

Yep. I made a topic asking for this more than a year ago.


Or custom prof pics

I remember reading that thread around the time campaigns were being started. Even @Ned or some other mod chimed in claiming they too have forgotten about achievements and said they would talk to the team about it. Would have been nice if something was done about these considering the game is now 2.0