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Remember the Fallen

I will keep this short and simple.
I bid farewell to every friend, clanmate, comrade that decided to leave the game… Dare I say, virtual family.

Of our Alliance, Sand Dunes, as well as those whom I only knew on the forums.

This song is dedicated to you all.

@Hersh @ResearchGirl @K.rex @Tpock44 just to name a few… And many more

I wish you all the best, even if our way may depart now… :frowning:


So you are leaving as well?
Wow so many going.

I am staying.

I just bid farewell to those I had a special connection in the game, as I will miss them greatly.


I already adapted to the cenozoics, so I’m staying for my team!

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Great post, was sad to hear Hersh leaving!

I only recently came back to the game so I’m not quite ready to quit, but I did cancel VIP today after being VIP since the day I started playing.
Going entirely Free to Play, not even getting coins from store anymore!

Not going to support their company but I will use their game!


I can attest to these being great players of this game. I never knew K.rex in-game, but respect that he/she could drop funny memes here and there. Why is it that the people who have taken the time to grind and get good at this game are the ones feeling hardest hit by the changes and direction of this game? Dare I say, this looks like a clear case of mediocrity being encouraged above expert level play. Sorry, but that’s a tough pill to swallow. I get making the game fun for newer players, but don’t do it at the expense of your players.


Research Girl quit?

if so, it’s a low key great loss to this game

RG is quitting this weekend, along with Hersh, tpock and a few more great friends and alliance members! The game will not be the same without their glamor…


Didn’t know them here but played Research Girl often.

Excellent battler, better friends


I don’t mean this in poor taste, and I believe you understand that, but for the rest of the community… if DadJokes ever quits too, I clearly have dibs on his gamer tag. Just want to establish that loud and clear :+1::sweat_smile:


I will let you know ahead of time so you can be prepared.

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All these wonderful people leaving is making me sad. Everytime I read Hersh’s goodbye thread I burst out crying. :frowning:


IT really is a great loss, but this is what Ludia is driving players to do!

Btw I love your screen name and I think your bird avatar is hilariously random but in a funny way lol.

My 10 year old son refers to you as the Fish Guy with a picture of a Beak lol

Edit: A fish drowning lol, reminds me of an old Momty Python episode where a guy gloes to a bridge with a boulder in his hands tied to him, going to suicide, and then this fish comes flying up from the water tied to a balloon Lol


I’m not gone from the forums, I’m gone from the game. I am a ghost now, cheering all you guys and girls to victory.

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I still miss @wrothgar:tired_face:


Wrothgar still plays, he is the boss of our alliance. But he decided to take it easy, playing with family


And you are so whoopin’ him in trophies!