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Remember the original Troodon?

The creepiest dinosaur if you played the game?


dat is weird.,…
i like feathered nocturnal hunter best


Those eyes…:eye::lips::eye:


The one from the game was based on the book and had wild stories. Raptors and other dinosaurs in the park rather run than fight. They would reproduce uncontrollably and lay eggs inside bodies for warmth. They hunt using a type of hallucination venom that eventually causes brain death, it was a beautiful add on that they implemented. John Hammond himself wrote how they are a threat to his dream.


:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

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It’s Just So Creepy, Imagine Ludia Putting That Troodon In The Game!!!

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Technically, troodon isn’t a real dinosaur, it’s now reclassified as Latenivenatrix. This makes Troodon the first non hybrid, non apex Dino which doesn’t exist in real life that has been added to the game.


I hate it. JWTG and JWA are so much less ugly and creepy looking and they are actually cute. This one is just edgy imo

Yikes! :flushed::pleading_face::sob::eyes:

Don’t want to encounter that in a dark alley! Lol :laughing:

You forgetting Dracorex and Stygi, they are most likely just juvenile and sub adult Pachys :slight_smile:

They’re all real until proven fake 100% ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I mean come on. They said the same thing about Triceratops and it turns out to be a real thing


technically gen2s are the first…
but troodon is pretty ,much synonymous with latwnivenatrix so maybe ludia was just being lazy and calling it by its shorter aname
or maybe ludia was being smAart and decided that younger players will recognize troodon better then latenivenatrix
or ludia wanted Yudon in the game, not Yutynivenatrix

I’ve not heard of that other name for Troodon either I must admit, but hey I can’t even pronounce half the names anyway lol

Yudon could also have a unique called Troodaranus

That troodon up there would certainly win the poll for Halloween’s creepiest creatures

Besides, that looks uncannily like something I’ve seen before, I just can’t say where

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We are trying to get it in the game. Help us petition it in!

I’ve already lobbied for this for 2 years and it’s finally here. Now we just need Telltale’s version.

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Then why did you vote no in my thread?

More reason to let us have our fun. Did you even watch the video?

Troodon is everything this game needs right now. Imagine it in Telltale’s state! Be it Gen 2 or a skin or a remake of this version I just want it in and its venom.

True but most people will still know it as Troodon. It’s not different than Coelodonta which everyone just calls the Woolly Rhino.

Sign me up~ I didn’t even know of the other version and honestly I don’t really like the flashy compared to the creepy blend-in-the-night. If they do a telltale look, it would probably be Gen 2. The closest thing I say looks like it in game would be the Tanycolagreus.