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Remember to be positive and give ideas to the developers

We all know the game is on a critical state.
Having some game-breaking bugs, a system that could be a potential pay-to-win breaking all the meta that we ever had and centers more about who can boost more.
Now a new drone sensitivity that feels weird, broken matchmaking and severe connection problems, with some other bugs and glitches that im forgetting about.

But remember, the game doesn’t need so much negativity to be fixed.
It needs solutions, ideas and bug reports.
Many, many bug reports.
It’s easy to flame and rant about the things that doesn’t work, but at the end, it doesn’t give anything of valor to the game or developers.
Use your post to help the game, not to bury it faster.
If you have the urge to post your rant and tantrum, so be it, but remember that canceling the VIP, criticizing and even demoralizing the developers doesn’t help at all.
It only push the game to his death.
Be a good player, be a good consumer and help to resolve this mess.
Stay positive, be objective and mature :wink:


So many things are good in this game and it’s sad to see it all ruined by pure incompetence in other areas.

Keep the dino balancing staff. Fire the ones responsible for monetization who completely void the hard work of the former.
Keep the art team. Hire someone who knows a thing or two about network traffic rather than it being the owner’s son’s cat’s third job.
Most importantly, fire the decision makers that allow launching new content on Friday without anyone there to keep tabs over the whole weekend.
Hire a community manager who knows that his job involves, you know, managing the community, especially in critical moments like these, and not just blindly copy&pasting an announcement every couple weeks without even taking the time to edit out “non-flagged cheaters” for months.

Basic stuff like that can go a long way.


I don’t understand what you want to say.
This post is really no meaning to them.

Ludia, based on their responses and my experience, didn’t pay attention to the players’ needs. After almost every survey, they did the most-unwanted things.

In addition, you can directly suggest something new or valuable.

This is a forum not a company own board for employees.

Of course, I like this game even though sometimes felt boring and almost uninstalled it several times.

They know the cheating problem but nothing done yet…even though they did a maintenance break.
After that, I couldn’t find what was changed…

Ludia must consider why persons got angry.
Without any negative posts, do you think they consider any problem seriously?

We are customers who enjoy and spend money.
We can criticise anything about the service. Someone thanked Ludia’s hard works but someone got angry.

if you got the terrible experience about the bad matching system, and 4200 trophies down to 3400. Pls tell me how to be positive and give IDEAS?

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Okay, so your point is to flame the developers to make them change the game, without giving some constructive criticism?
I know the post is meaningless to them, like yours sincerely, like all the post from this forum.
If they are the grumpy codicious goblins that all of you salty crybabys says, even canceling the VIP shouldn’t matter when the game is top 4 profit on Google Play.
But they aren’t.
This is not a company own board, i know that, but is a forum thats is linked directly to the game and the developers, so they listen all your “criticism” you give.
Even the mods of here, who aren’t responsable from the game, have to mess with all the destructive criticism.

And yes, you’re correct, i could give my own ideas or some valuable review in this post.
I hope i will. But i created this post trying to make you understand why throwing a tantrum, being childish with the attitude “if they doesn’t fix this ASAP even the maintance break was done at night and the developers surely fixed something like the sensitivity of the drone (that i myself checked today earlier in the day), i will quit the game, etc, etc” DOESN’T HELP AT ALL.
If you want to quit, then quit.
But if you want to see progress in the app, then help to make progress.
Give details of the bugs, help them find a solution posting ideas.
If you really want the game, then help and be useful.
If not, you’re only in denial and uninstalling the game would be the healthiest option to you.
Why have such kind of treatment and mentality?
“If they don’t give me what i want, how i want it, i will quit the game”
Such nocive and childish point of viewing the problems.
Just leave, play another FREE game.
Even the VIP is just an option.

You can help Ludia by giving objective criticism, not making tantrums when something doesn’t goes your way.
Dont be condescending, but also dont be entitled to your own feelings and opinions.
Be useful.

I had, dude.
I also play this game, you know.
I’m not denying the problems, but crying doesn’t help at all.
Being objective, you have 2 ways to face the problem:

  1. You try to give positive and objective criticism, helping the developers to fix the matchmaking.
  2. Quit and play another game, and you will not ever have this “terrible experience” again.
    (Even if this is a lie because in the world of free mobile games they are always some problems to be fixed).

Quite simple solutions, don’t you think?

Still, I don’t understand what you say…sorry about it.

But, there are some misunderstanding.
Before you say something, you should be more careful.

Before the maintenance break, the darting system was changed.
The skill tournament is a cheating tournament. Someone said, they knew it but they never halted or changed anything. I expected they at least halted or removed the cheating ones during the break.

If all players are like you, the company will be extremely happy.

Finally, I regret to spend my money and time to this game. So, I am complaining.
I have already sent several emails to them but nothing changed.

When I first started, almost a year ago, thos forum was positive and fun…for the most part. But as time went on, and devs didn’t communicate with us, we devolved further into chaos. If we had more communication, I think people would be more positive. Also, the mods first response to every problem was “did you check your connection?” The equivalent of “is your computer plucked in?” We’re not morons, just frustrated.

But hey, if everyone were a little more positive, maybe the forums wouldn’t be such a dumpster fire?


I am going to give an idea that for me is the key. Official surveys have been done to see which dinosaur was prettier or similar. If the developers did surveys for important aspects of the game, I am sure that many mistakes would not have been made. I think that the developers really listen to the complaints of the users but I think they basically read the complaints and suggestions of a small part of the players, those who pay more to play that coincides in large part with those more active in this forum.


This! Been waiting to hear from Ludia, but they are nowhere to be heard…