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Remember When... JWA edition


This one doesn’t go back that far, but it’s what I was thinking a minute ago and should be a fine example of what should be posted in this thread…

Remember when Tarbo was the only thing slowing down Thor fuses? :sob:

Remove 5% crits (Poll)?

remember when kentro was the only thing slowing down tryko fuses?


Remember when you had to go to a park to get the Featured Creatures?


I’ve been thinkin about building Thor up if Rinex gets an unfavorable change in the update. Dunno how far this’ll get me though:


@Ardens. I would do terrible things for that much Sino, brother. I shudder to think, I shudder to think…


I’ve been sitting on it for a while now, since before the Rinex Rampage scare lol.
I work in a pretty decent L1, so I see it often.


I have no doubt your hunting game is top notch. I came here for the battles and underestimated how important the team building skillz are. I’m getting there, but protips from legit hunting pros like you and several from my alliance are always appreciated. Speaking of which, if you ever sign on with an alliance, it should be SD. I would be honored to call you an SD bro. Hit up @TyrannosaurusLex she’s cool af and good people.


Oh, no… my hunting isn’t top notch anymore :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I barely hunt at all, actually. I dropped VIP and only dart what’s convenient now.
I used to have every spawn point in my home/work area memorized and would do an hourly drive-by when possible. The game was always open, too, whether or not I was actually playing.

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That’s cool too man, wherever ppl are at with the game, no sweat. Just sent a dm to Lex about you to vouche in the event a spot open up, not a big deal though.

Real talk, plz tell me Megalosuchus isn’t a dead end bc mine is at 850/1000 atm and my goal to get a level on tomorrow other than indo. I have no regrets regardless bc future updates will always effect the meta but it’s been a hard one for me to find the sweet spot level for just yet.


Remember when cloak was x3



Remember when there was no crit stat and we had to collect drone batteries


I absolutely love my Meg.
I’m not gonna hype her up like she’s the best creature in the game, but definitely amazing. You gotta be tight on your timing and usage if you wanna get the most out of her, she’s a thinker.
As for alliances, I have no intention of joining any. Thanks for the offer though :blush: much appreciated.




that “thick skin” though lol :joy:


Glad to hear it, I’m pushing forward with Megalo no matter what, word is bond. It’s a little far too look back now but it’s mostly what you said about the play style of it. I dig the mind game of swapping in and out too. I’ve just been consistently surprised about the level requirements for a “panther wrapped in razor wire” to become effective. I’m at 25 now and still slightly underwhelmed, so I’m hopeful for a generous rebalancing.

No worries on the alliance, I just know from personal experience that the lone wolf model usually only goes so far. We’re meant to collaborate and help one another. It’s what helps us thrive as a species. Please hit me up if you ever change your mind.

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how did the drone batteries work? i started playing after that


6500 sino :scream::scream::scream:
And i thought my 2300 was a big amount

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Remember when if you had a team of raptors, nothing could stop you xD


Remember when hunting at night wasn’t pointless?